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UNETRANS is a collaborative project to develop a generic data model for transportation applications, using ESRI software.

ESRI is sponsoring the development of a series of “essential data models,” which will allow users to take greater advantage of ArcGIS 8 and the new geodatabases. One of those models is focused on transportation, and is called UNETRANS — the Unified NEtwork-TRANSportation data model.

ESRI staff and researchers at University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) are leading this consortium.  The group is headed by Dr. Michael Goodchild.  The user  members represent highway agencies and DOTs, transit and railway organizations, city streets departments and airport authorities. We also have a number of transportation planning consultants, ESRI Business Partners and other  software developers, as well as a few university faculty. We now have members from North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

The current phase of this work has assigned top priority to roadway and railway infrastructure features for highway agencies, public transit authorities, railways organizations, and municipal public works agencies. There is also a sub-committee studying airport infrastructure and facilities.  Key GIS functions related to network topology and linear referencing (DynSeg) are included in the focus.

The outcome will be a basic data model that works easily with Arc8+ software.  There are 3 components:

Participants contribute via The general procedure and timetable is:
2000 May Administrative launch
2000 Jun 24/25 Stakeholder consultation, San Diego CA [details]
2000 Jul/Oct Refinement of stakeholder inputs and supporting research
Development of draft book/whitepaper and UML code
2000 Nov 3/4 European stakeholder consultation, Turin, Italy [details]
2000 Nov/Dec Refinement and development
2000 Dec 7/8 Presentation of draft and consultation, Redlands CA
2001 Jan/Apr Final refinement and development
2001 May 11 Release of UML and white paper
TBA   Release of UNETRANS book

Drafts of models and other documents are posted to this web site from time to time.  We invite your comment at any time.  Please sign up on the mailing list to receive notification of updates and consultations.