Freeform comments. A14, D114 and E83 were edited for public display. Others are unedited—even those that criticized the survey.

A—Expansion on “other” mode

  1. Amtrak (3)
  2. Train (3)
  3. bike
  4. car repairs
  5. Carpoll w/another UCSB employee
  6. carpool
  8. commute w/ boyfriend
  9. drive after 5 pm because parking is free
  10. drive on nights/weekends if also running errands
  11. drive w/partner & roommates attend ucsb
  12. Drive with family
  13. driving after 5pm
  14. Every day I drop off my boys at []
  15. family
  17. Friend drops me off/ picks me up
  18. I drive to campus for small trips using quarters
  19. I drive to IV and then bike to campus
  20. I just started riding on the UCSB Vanpool
  21. I ride a bike to the Clean Air Express bus stops
  22. I take the surfliner home to san diego sometimes.
  23. jogging
  24. live too far to bike or walk
  25. Long  board or skateboard
  26. lovely piggy back rides
  27. motorcycle
  28. never, I live 3-4 miles away
  29. No buses come to my community at the time I travel
  30. Once I've dropped my children off at school!
  31. ride share
  32. ride with friend
  33. Roller Blade (5)
  34. rollerblades/skateboard
  35. run to the gym and back
  36. scooter
  37. skate (10)
  38. skateboard (93)
  39. sleep in front of classroom
  40. take the train to go home from UCSB and to UCSB
  41. to san jose
  42. UCSB Van Pool (3)
  43. With son dropping/picking up at school

B—Comments (Bus Riders)

  1. 1) Improve the incentives for TAP (e.g. increase to the equivalent of 10 days free parking per quarter and free bus passes for staff, both like they have at UCSD!)!  2) Absolutely do NOT charge the community to park here in the evenings (e.g. come to a show at Campbell Hall and have to pay $2, which is especially bogus if they arrive late and then have to leave again due to no seating), this presents a terrible image of us to the community members!!!  3) As for parking fees in general, I challange you to name me JUST ONE private business which charges ITS OWN EMPLOYEES TO PARK ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY!!  This is especially insulting since we get paid quite a bit less than our comercial sector peers.
  2. 24 bus service is great, but it would be useful to have buses every 30 minutes until later in the evening (~10:00).  Also would be nice to bundle grad students' bus fare for summer into fees.
  3. A 15x bus departing at 4:40 pm towards the mesa would be helpful
  4. A morning and evening service between the Transit Center and the Riviera (APS) to connect with the UCSB buses.   A bus stop at the East end of Campus (to serve Engineering)
  5. add express bus ucsb-downtown passing by uptown (la cumbre, las positas, mission) I have to take bus #11 to go home and takes me 45min. If I take the 24x, it takes me 15min +30min walk. By car, my trip would be 15 min...
  6. Allow graduate students a discounted carpool pass.
  7. any kind of tram or train service would be the best thing ever!!!
  8. Arrange for 15X to run through the whole year rather than Sept - June!
  9. Ask MTD to run more buses to the campus.
  10. B7 I don't really transfer because usually the bus turns from 21X to 24X at the transit center (I don't get off the bus and I never miss the connecting bus).  This is super convenient for me! If this wasn't the case, I would be willing to spend an extra 15-20 minutes to insure I don't miss the connection.
  11. Better bus times that fit with general class schedules so I can leave later
  12. bus 27 and 23 are rarely ever puntctual. It would be nice if the bus operated later at night as it is extreemely inconvenient to walk home late at night from campus
  13. Bus service later in the evening!!! 15X run through summer.
  14. Bus service to the Riviera is terrible.   If it ran later in the evening it I would use it 2 or 3  days per week.  Put a bus stop on the East side of campus
  15. Bus stop closer to the science buildings
  16. buses more than once an hour would be good
  17. Buss Transport is great if you live on the Mesa. Doentown 24x is convenient as well, but requires a drive if not really close to carrilo
  18. Can't think of anything really. Bus service is usually great, and runs frequently. The only issue I have is the changing frequnecy of buses in the evening, but i understand this given the decline in users.
  19. Carusers do NOT pay their true cost of parking on campus.  If that was charged, many more people would take alternate forms of travel.  Bu subsidizing car use, the campus adds to their parking problem.  It cost over $27,000 just to build a new parking spot, and this is not considered in the equation.    The bus system is very good from many locations and should be subsidized and exapnded with campus funds to alleviate parking problems.
  20. Change the 27 back to the way it was last year when it didn't go through IV.  The 27 is often late because of its new route and people who live in IV are so close to campus they can easily bike or walk to campus.  It would also be nice if the 23 and 24 were staggered instead of arriving simultaneously at Storke and Hollister.  It would provide for more options for getting to school.  Thanks.
  21. Continue doing at least as much as is now being done.
  22. Continue express service to Santa Barbara after 10 pm.
  23. Discuss with MTD to consider adding a few more late night express(24x) lines. Say one at 7:50pm, 9:10pm, 10:15pm, 11pm, and 12am. Also, consider a discounted summer bus fare for graduate students whom must work at UCSB during the summer months while they are not registered for classes. Many (those with access to a car who use the bus during the academic year) park off campus during the summer months to avoid paying the bus fare which is normally free with a registration sticker.
  24. Don't take away the 15x --- I LOVE the convenience of it.  I can read papers on the way to school and expect to see the bus at the same time everyday!
  25. East/Westside connection is frequently off schedule--early and late.  I am ompressed by the addition of hybrid buses and hope they are worthwhile/can be used more.  I have rarely had a bad experience with a driver-they are all helpful and friendly.  Time and routes posted in a more visible place outside the center, for reading after the center closes, would be nice.  Later expresses to/from the univesity would probably be used.
  26. Everything is fine.
  27. for bikers/walkers from IV, not much you can do to improve it, pretty much ideal as it is!  Perhaps though, a sidewalk on El Colegio between student health and the point where it stops on El Colegio (right at the stop-light there at the stadium).
  28. For number 5 and 6: When I leave for school depends on when I have classes. I don't have a regular schedule. I work around my school schedule. I have to leave from home at least forty minutes before a class to get there on time.
  29. Free MTD service for staff who choose to ride the bus to work. It benefits the University as it decreases the need for parking. it would benefit the environment because staff members might use public transportation for other purposes than going to/from work
  30. Get those buses to run a little later (like the 24x ending at 9:38 pm!)  Bike lockers for those of us with nice bikes who would actually ride them if we didn't have to schelp them all over campus cuz we don't want them to be stolen.  Oh, and create more awareness of alt transpo options for students... they often don't know what is out there
  31. Have bus service to and from Calle Real with more hours and service on the weekends, it is one of the closest shopping centers but there is almost no bus service.
  32. have more frequent buses going downtown, every 15 or 20 minutes instead of every 30 would make it much more convenient, the most time I waste taking the bus is waiting for it or not having one arrive at campus when I need it so I end up taking one earlier and wasting a lot of time!
  33. Have more line 15 buses after 5:10pm
  34. -Have MTD run additional line 11 buses so that there is 5-15min waiting interval instead of 30min during the hours of 7-9am and 4-6pm.  This will cut down the overcrowding on the bus and increase the comfort.   -Run more buses during the morning with bike
  35. Have the buses drop off at the east end of campus as well.  Engineering II for example is a long walk when it is pouring down rain.
  36. Have the busses run more often.
  37. Having parking avaliable on near the 217 entrance.
  38. I am interested in taking a train from my home in Thousand Oaks, but it is too expensive to go on a daily basis.
  39. I carpool to campus and take the bus home.  Your questions don't allow me to describe this.
  40. I commute from Lompoc and I take Clean Air Express. Please note that my answers to the above questions are based on CAE bus service (not MTD).
  41. I find that it would be very useful to expand further parking options for the library.  I go to the library about 3-4 times a week and stay till mid. or 2am(on finals) and I feel safer when i can drive back home.  Also I work 5 days a week, and its very hard for me to come to school on my lunch breaks, because parking is very scarce on campus.
  42. I live close so I just ride a bike but parking on campus was a hassle to find and expensive when I lived in the dorms.
  43. I really like taking the bus to work, and the current schedule for the #9 bus is about all I could ask for! 
  44. I some times drive to campus after 5pm and use my student night/weekend permit.  I do this once or twice a week on average.  Therefore, it would be very important to maintain the student night/weekend permits.
  45. I tend to bring my skateboard on the bus so that I can skate on campus. This combination tends to work best for me. If I miss the bus, I bike.
  46. I think it works out pretty well.
  47. I usually ride the bus to UCSB, but walk home.  However, I'm concerned about the lack of bus options in the evening during winter, when it is dark.  Although the transit guide says that the evening bus should swing by the Family Student Housing on request, some of the bus drivers are reluctant to follow through with the request.
  48. I want more bus available at night before exams so that I can study at UCSB longer.
  49. I wish there could be late night bus routes for when I get out of lab.
  50. I would like there to be a 24X trip that left campus after 10 pm.  Fall quarter I had a class from 7-10 pm so I had to take the 5:15 bus home, get my car, and then drive back to campus in time for my class so I could get home again.  I could have taken the 11 route, but it takes on average about an hour to get back downtown and that's just too long for me to be interested.  Otherwise I love the bus.  The 24X is a great and very convenient route.
  51. I would like there to be more buses running from the Mesa area dureing the summer and later in the evenings during the school year.
  52. I would like UCSB to encourage another MTD express bus that runs along upper State Street, then takes the 101 north at State (near Five Points shopping center), then 217 to UCSB.  I often see buses on lines 11 (UCSB via State/Hollister) and 24 (UCSB express from downtown) filled to standing room only, and I think there would be many people who would take this new express bus.  I think the best way to encourage bus use is by having several express buses that run from different parts of the city.  Currently, only the #24 gets passengers to UCSB in a time that rivals a private vehicle.
  53. I would take the bus more often if I had a way to get here outside school quarters (see mt other comment). My bus does not run outside main school dates, so I have to drive during summer, spring break, and winter break. But it is too expensive to buy daily permits for these periods, so I ended up buying quarterly permits, so now it is not worth taking the bus! If there could be a vacation/summer-only permit, I could use this during the times when my bus does not run, and go back to using the bus during quarters.
  54. I'd drive alone if my schedule became considerably busier and it involved me having to do errands around town on a regular basis. Otherwise, biking would be a good option if I move to Isla Vista or a suburb within biking distance of the university. Carpooling would be good if I move to Carpinteria, etc - areas that are serviced by the vanpool service for UCSB employees.
  55. I'd love an express bus to mid-state or north-state. it's cheaper to live there than downtown, but it forces people to drive to campus (11 takes too long.)
  56. If I didn't have to transfer, I could take the bus more often. #9 bus is too early for me to get to easily (I drive to the #9 stop and it arrives there at 7:30. If I'm a couple of minutes past 7:30 am, I miss it and have to try to catch the #11.)
  57. If UCSB want to increase the number of bus users it should provide incentives to people who are doing so.  For instance, the campus can offer discount on coffee, soft drinks, or items at the book store to bus users.
  58. Improve punctuality of the bus will help.
  59. Improving the bus system, by allowing more than two bikes on a bus has always been an idea of mine. I know its hard to do, but it would allow many more people to throw their bikes on, because once you are on campus biking is incredibly easy, however someone going to the other side of campus might not like to walk so far because they know they won't get their bike on the bus and instead drive.
  60. in summer the 15 stops running, and my commute time by bus goes from 20 minutes to 50 minutes (via #5 to the ctr, then #24 to UCSB) usually with a 15-45 minute layover at the ctr. That's too long and so I end up driving.
  61. It is very convenient to get in to campus, but much less so returning from UCSB. I have found that it is very difficult to get from UCSB to the Arrellaga stop. The 24 bus I am on usually transfers to another route at the transit center. However, there is never a 24 (or 12) at the transit center to transfer and get to the Arrellaga stop.
  62. It takes me 40-50 minutes to bus to school from the State and Las Positas area. It would have been great to have express service from UCSB to the La Cumbre area.
  63. It would be great for Staff to be able to ride the bus for free.
  64. It would be great if there were buses to UCSB that started at points on the Eastside before going to the transit center/UCSB (as there's already a stop on the Westside at Arrellaga).
  65. it would be helpful if the buses came at more scattered times, instead of the 24 and 12 arriving at the same time, if one could come on the quarter hour. in general, buses need to come more often than they do, at least during heavy arrival/departure times for classes and work.
  66. It would be nice to have a UCSB bus stop closer to the east gate for people working on the east side of campus.
  67. It would be nice to have more buses (#24) at night from campus to Santa Barbara downtown. In particular, the frequency of buses drops considerably between 7.25pm and the last one at 9.38pm. Furthermore, it would be helpful to have one or two later buses #24 (after 9.38pm). Moreover: My rating of the buses under B3 (especially point 3) only applies to the #24 with which I am quite happy. Other buses, like the #11, are often not on time and rather unreliable.
  68. its good but often crowded and leaves inly every 30 minutes which can be inconvenient
  69. It's hard to say I leave the house everyday at a certain time.  It depends on how I decide to get to campus.  I can leave anytime between 6:15 and 7:30AM.  Sometimes I like to get to campus by 6:35 so I can work out at the gym before going to work.
  70. Large parking garage built near IV on UCSB campus like the one near the Rec Cen
  71. Late #24 buses from UCSB to downtown would be great
  72. later #24 bus home
  73. Less stops on bus, stop only on major streets, cheaper parking on campus, more bike paths that are accessible to every building on campus.
  74. love the bus station in front of my house!!! connections are flexible, quick and convenient except on weekends and after rush hours. i'd like to see more frequent bus rides and electric busses. thnxs
  75. Make a few more stops other than only at North Hall
  76. Make parking cost less.
  77. Make parking permits sensable (in price and in useage).  Esp since we voted to pay extra fees for "free" night/weekend parking, DESTROY the night/weekend permit system
  78. Make sure that late night bus schedules remain in place, especially for the 24x to downtown.  This route is much more convenient than the 11 (which takes almost twice as long).  Perhaps promoting carpools more too, I rarely have heard about anybody in that program, though I have lived downtown for years.
  79. Monorail!!!!
  80. More bus routes
  81. More buses! MTD is cutting most of the buses I ride this September, and the remaining bus requires me to leave an hour and 10 minutes early to arrive at class on time. I am within biking distance, ~2 miles, but my asthma prevents me from biking all the way to school.
  82. More busses, schedules that reflect class times and run later, nicer drivers.
  83. More cycle paths, with better lighting at night. More buses with bike carriers on front.
  84. More frequent bus routes from downtown to campus on the 24X.
  85. more incentive for bus riding, "bus friendly" areas made known to students.  Honestly, i thikn the transportation is more of a housing problem than a vehicluar problem.  better student housing control, IV rent control, etc...  making it user-friendly for employees and students to live within walking or biking distace is a betetr solution that makeing bus service more efficent or parking more expensive
  86. More parking lots, less rules on parking enforcements, bigger signs to enforce parking enforcement. 
  87. More Reliable Bus schedule. Every half hour pick up.
  88. more timely #27 buses (which are sometimes inconsistent, like during Dead/Finals Week!)
  89. My answers are based on what I think my schedule will be for fall quarter classes.  This may change, of course, and will certainly change for winter quarter.  I won't be going to UCSB more than once or twice during the summer.
  90. need another parking structure besides the mesa near the lagoon side of campus, fix cracks and holes in the road
  91. Not charge so much for parking, and whose bright idea was it to charge students for public parking in Isla Vista?  Realistically, I know how much the average income of UCSB students is estimated to be, but I have not heard a single student happy about the parking plan.  Instead of focusing on the parking problem, perhaps it would make more sense to create a foundation for the residents to bring about improvements.  I feel as though the school is focusing on the wrong aspects within Isla Vista life.
  92. not enough bus routes. sometimes i have to go all the way to state street from campus to transfer buses, only to backtrack to the fairview exit because there is no bus that comes there from ucsb. also, hard to get to/from the grocery stores (albersons/costco) because i have to wait a long time to catch the next bus. annoying. too much waiting. not enough stops in isla vista either.
  93. On several occasions I have seen and experienced rude or belittling behavioring by the MTD bus drivers.  Not enjoying or feeling comfortable on the bus at times leaves me with walking my only ay of getting around.  I wish there were other ways to get around that can be easily accessed by off campus residents.
  94. one bus stop at cathedral oaks
  95. Organize carpools.  Provide more parking.  Not charge for parking.
  96. Parking is too picky some times... give us a break! 
  97. Parking rules are confusing and day parking rates are expensive.
  98. Perhaps add an additional bus stop by campbell hall and perhaps one as well on Lagoon road.
  99. please see if there is a better way for students to please ask the MTD to have more lines passing by Goleta to get to campus around the morning/midmorning time
  100. please see if there is a better way for students to please ask the MTD to have more lines passing by Goleta to get to campus around the morning/midmorning time
  101. Riding the bus to and from UCSB works well with my schedule.  I have heard complaints from people that some of the routes don't work well with class schedules, so maybe timing is an issue for some students.  Keeping the TAP program going is very important I think too - for expense and convenience.
  102. Route 15x express bus between UUCSB and SBCC is eliminated in mid-June just in time for summer school! UCSB staff/students lifving on the Mesa therefore either have to endure a doubling of commute time in the summer if they continue to use the bus system by transferring downdown to the 24X,  or drive downtown, park on the street and take the 24X.  MTD could run the 15X in the early morning(2-3 routes and late afternoon (2-3 routes) on a reduced schedule during the summer.
  103. Should be more flexible with the sale of the undergraduate quarterly parking permits.  I lived less than two miles from campus and was not allowed to purchase a quarterly parking purchase and was forced to purchase daily permits which add up to be much more expensive than just buying a quarterly permit. I had to drive due to personal circumstances.  
  104. showers & lockers for bike commuters IN OFFICE BUILDINGS. Take out the "womens lounges" and put showers in. ALSO SAFE places to leave expensive bicycles I can't and will not lock my $1000 bicycle outside. 
  105. Sometimes the busses do run completely off schedule and that is a burden.  Also, it would help if there was a bus schedule at every bus stop.
  106. Summer transportation from IV to UCSB is less convenient than during the school year.  It would be beneficial to those who work on campus during summer for there to be more than one bus that goes to UCSB, like the 27 during the school year does.  During the summer this route stops running and we only have the 23 which is inconvenient as far as time we need to catch it and the time we need to be at ucsb.
  107. The #11 bus takes 40-45 minutes to get to campus.  This is the main reason I take it only when my car is not available.  If there were an express bus that I could take without walking over a mile to the bus stop, I would do take the bus regularly, I would require a later boarding time and shorter commute.
  108. The #15 bus is very convenient for me.  The only problem is that it stops running during the summer.  During the summer, I ride a motor scooter to the main terminal on Chapala St. and catch the #24 bus.
  109. The #24 is great. Every other line I've tried to use regularly (to get to other places) has been invconvenient and erratic, however.
  110. The #24 route HOME from campus is inconvenient.  The 24 does not go back to arrellaga/castillo so I have to transfer at the transit center. The 4:10 (at UCSB) 24 is ALWAYS late and I miss my connection at the center.  Many times I just walk home--it takes 18 minutes to walk home. My transit time to work is 10 minutes and transit time home is almost 60 minutes (quite a difference).
  111. The 23 and 24 both arrive after class has already started, so in order to take either one people have to use them an hour ahead of schedule or come late to class.  The 23 and 24 also leave campus right as class is getting out (at ten until the hour), so it rather difficult to catch them. The 27 comes to campus before class begins, but it often arrives only minutes before the class starts, so in taking it one still runs the risk of missing the beginning of class.
  112. The bus from my house to campus is pretty good.  I would like to see later night service from downtown to campus so that I could go downtown at night and get home without my car.  Bill's bus is good, but I live too far from IV to walk.  The routes are good, but later service would be great.  I would drive considerably less then.
  113. The bus from Ventura to UCSB takes WAY TOO long but if there were one that took as long as the vanpool, or even 15 minutes more time, I would consider it. Right now, the bus ride from Ventura to UCSB would take almost 2 hours!!!!
  114. The bus line 25 to Ellwood leaving UCSB is ALWAYS late in the afternoons. This is such a pain! Thank goodness it is usually on time in the morning, but it should be on time all the time!
  115. The bus service to campus is generally OK, except for a few inordinately annoying irregularities in schedule -- but I've taken the bus home a total of once this year, because I like the freedom to leave campus whenever I want and stop by other places (e.g. my church, friends' houses) on the way.
  116. The bus stop closest to my house is not the one that I take to UCSB, so my answers differ to some questions.  The bus stop that I take to UCSB is ~15 walk.
  117. The bus system is awesome and it should remain free for all students. I also think UCSB should continue subsidizing rates for staff and faculty.
  118. The last #22 leaves the transit center at 5:15 which makes working late a problem. The last #s 24 & 11 to SB leave too early in the evening making attending on campus events difficult.
  119. The latest bus from downtown to Goleta is 11.15 on weekdays, which is pretty early, but on weekends it's something like 9.00. This is really dumb, as it restricts those who don't have a car, and probably forces people who've been drinking, to drive.
  120. The new bus seats are quite uncomfortable, almost as bad as the old plastic ones. The only ones that are comfortable are the old soft blue ones. Also a 1E at 6:00 from the transit center would cut 15mins off my journey home.
  121. The parking situation on campus is vastly inferior to similar sized campuses taht I've visited/attended.  Being very familiar with Transportation & Parking Services, I believe there is much that department could do to improve their organization and effectiveness--particularly in the area of alternative transportation.  One area where the TPS department could improve is in outreach, organization, and better encouragement of the car pool program. Taking the bus is preferable to me, despite the shortcoming of the MTD bus system.  The MTD system should be better regulated in terms of creating routes & maintaining schedules, etc., but I don't know whether there is much that UCSB can actively do about that (besides providing it's own methods of transportation like vanpools, etc.).
  122. The reason that I don't drive to school is because I live within two miles of campus.  I live at the edge of IV.  I would pay for a parking permit if I could.  I find the bus very incovienent but better than the other methods available to me at this time.
  123. There is a bus stop across the corner from my house (line 8); however, I rarely ride that line (to UCSB or to downtown) because its schedule is inconvenient. My highest priority is usually my total travel time (reaching the stop plus bus travel). On the way to campus, I think it's faster to walk 15 minutes to the 11 rather than ride the 8 and transfer to the 11. During the week, the 8 usually stops running at night before I get home, while during the weekend the line runs only once an hour and stops at La Cumbre rather than continuing downtown. (Clearly, that's not part of my commute.) Thus, to get downtown I also usually walk 15 min to Hollister to the 6 or the 11, because it ends up being faster or more timely. Occasionally, transferring from the 8 at La Cumbre is faster than or equivalent to walking.  I do not own a car because of firm convictions; however, it would be substantially easier with more frequent buses, more *fast* direct routes, and more late-night bus routes. (That the 11 stops running earlier on weekends than weekdays is quite inconvenient.) Because I bike commute except in unusual circumstances, most of my bus use is not part of my transportation to campus and I am most interested in better service to downtown from my house.
  124. There is a bus stop two blocks from my house where i could ride the #1 to the transit center.  Then catch to 24X to UCSB. Yet I choose to ride my bike to the transit center to avoid the wait between bus transfers.
  125. There is a much more convienent bus for me to take to school, but it arrives at ten after and leaves school at ten till, and my classes all go from the hour to ten till, so I can't catch it in either direction.
  126. There should be more buses during rush hours...every 15 minutes. The buses are crowded, and the boosters are unpredictible. The expresses should run more often on weekends, and begin earlier in the morning. The little purple buses should run on weekends too. They are always crowded with shoppers. The 3 should run more often on weekends and nights. It is always crowded.
  127. this summer i'll have to purchase permit because the 15x line doesn't run july-sept. bummer. i ride in mostly because its convenient from my residence. more people would likely bus in if there were more express bus lines. 
  128. This survey seems to be directed toward staff and faculty.
  129. This survey was somewhat difficult because it appears to have been designed with little thought to Clean Air Express and the Van Pool.  Some of your questions about bus service assume that "bus" refers to MTD lines.  The Van Pool is not an issue for me, but I can imagine that users of that service would similarly have difficulty answering questions since the vans and carpools are actually different things (at least as arranged through TAP).  Question B2 should also have had options such as those available under C4 -- for instance, I enjoy the bus because I read and work on my laptop computer during my commute.  I could not do that if I drove myself.  And because Clean Air Express only comes and goes once a day and ridership is by subscription, "I can talk to people I know" is an appropriate survey question (though not one particularly applicable to me personally at the moment) for users of that service.
  130. This survey was very awkwardly worded and confusing.
  131. ucsb run transportation system, including elwood goleta mesa and downtown.  maybe an isla vista trolley similar to stanford
  132. we could have a bus #25 available after 6:30 Pm, between the Storke family housing and UCSB, in order to be able to attend conferences, meetings and sections that do not fit in the 9 to 5 schedule to which we are currently restricted. We also need more frequent correspondances to other bus for errants we may have  in other parts of town. Cuurently the trip to the county health/social services takes 2 hours and 10 min (# 9 mesa rd to fairview, 45 min wait then #8 to turnpike area  
  133. While I can take the 24x into campus from the stop on Arrellaga (about a 15min walk), the return bus goes to the downtown terminal, and there aren't any convenient transfers in the evening. I have to take the 11 (local) home. It takes a much longer time. I believe a lot of upper State St. residents have a similar problem. Also, it can be very hard to get your bike onto the bus, as there are only 2 bike slots, and many buses still don't have any bike racks (such as the 3 and the 15).
  134. Why are there no buses that leave from Ventura and got directly to UCSB??? I bet you, there are more people than just me who comute from Ventura.
  135. Work with the MTD to have more bike rakes for the bycicles. Very often have to miss the bus becasue there is no room for more than rwo bike s on a bus.
  136. Would be best if bus schedules for buses that goes through IV to be adjusted to further fit the class schedules.  Ex:  Leaving for IV at 55 of each hour and reaching UCSB at 50 of each hour.
  137. Would ride bike every day but injured back.
  138. you might provide a map of the bus stop numbers if you want that info; also when you ask what stop is "nearest" i would have to give two answers: one for euclidian space and one for travel time, making the second more meaningful, in the sense that that stop is 'closer" even though i walk a longer distance.  additionally, my choice of bus stop is affected by the time once i get on the bus (#15 goes directly to ucsb, while #24 goes thru town first).  good luck.

C—Comments (Carpoolers)

  1. A bus route that connects Calle Real between State and Las Pasitas
  2. A bus stop by the East gate (near Engineering) would be a large incentive for people to ride the express bus from the Transit Center. Currently the commute time is doubled by the ride from the East gate to North Hall, then the walk back!
  3. Allow graduate students to qualify for a discounted parking pass if they carpool!
  4. as long as they keep the carppol from Cammarillo I am good. If they lost that I am screwed.
  5. Be able to pay for parking via your phone.
  6. bus line 11 is unreliable, late or early sometimes misses some stops completely. When I lived in IV last 4 years I used bus excusively because convenient and variety of lines. parked on campus after 5 when free. now i drive with livein partner also ucsb student go on and off campus from morning til late at night 10-12pm. 
  7. cheaper parking during summer sessions
  8. consistent shuttle to and from downtown, that runs all hours of the night. and shuttle to and from IV. A light rail would be even better. that would be ideal.
  9. Driving alone in a carpool is very good, parking is acceptable with the stacked parking.  Bus service to my location would add at least 1 hour to my commute each day which is unacceptable considering that I live a 5 minute drive from campus.  If bus service was quick and frequent I'd consider it. 
  10. For 25 years I rode my bike to work everyday.  I have just moved to Ojai and now commute everyday.  I travel to work with my wife who drops me off and she then heads to her office.  I will only have to drive alone during the summer when my wife is not working.  So in the summer I will purchase a parking permit then the rest of the year I will use my TAP.
  11. For the people that are injured and cannot afford to pay for a temporary permit, it's terribly inconvenient.  with injuries, walking is difficult, but driving and being able to get a free temp. permit would allow much more mobility for those who cannot make the several daily trips to and from class to thier homes in IV or Goleta.
  12. I am assuming this is the same questionaire for vanpoolers.
  13. I am part of the UCSB Van Pool program - not car pool, if that makes any difference to your survey. I ride the van 3 days/wk, drive from Lompoc on Thurs. stay overnight in SB and drive home on Fri. evening. Because I only van pool 3 days/wk. I don't get the free permits.  I also buy an annual parking permit. Works out to be very close to the same cost as paying for daily parking.
  14. I carpool to campus with my wife in the morning.  She works on campus!  I usually take the bus home and she picks me up at the downtown transit center.
  15. I carpool with a housmate who does not work as UCSB.  We need to stop building on our parking lots!!! I don't get the benifits of carpooling because she does not come to UCSB.
  16. I carpool with my husband, who is also a professor.  We own only one car and like this.  It saves money and forces us to think about combining trips.  And we talk to one another.
  17. I don't use the carpool option but I looked into it and chose instead to bike and drive alone. TPS was great in getting me a list of people in my area, plus I found a coworker in another department who uses the carpool system, but because of the much earlier departure time, my desire for a few minutes' flexibility at the end of the day, and the convenience of my house to the bike path, I will continue to bike.
  18. I drive daily in from Santa Maria. My husband works for Raytheon (begins work at 6:30a.m.) We share transportation. I work off campus (beginning work at 7:30 a.m.) and DO pay for parking. Is their any way I could reduce my monthly parking fees.
  19. I feel unsafe on the vanpool but it works the best of what exists.   I would like UCSB to purchase hybrid, & smaller & safer vehicles (e.g., station wagons)and I am sure there would be no problem filling them up and/or finding drivers for them.   I feel committed to not driving my own car because of the environmental costs, but the fact that riding the vanpool is actually less expensive than driving/parking keeps me going on the vanpool, even though it's a bumpy ride & we have had a couple of close calls.   I would like to see the train between Oxnard/Ventura & Goleta work as a commuter train during "rush" hours - UCSB could provide a "minibus" pick up/drop off for train commuters to/from campus. Amtrack would probably like the extra business.  I would also like to see a HUGE disincentive for residence hall students to drive. Only physically challenged students living on campus should have their cars here. Teach them to use public transportation - it's very available for them & in Goleta/SB community. They are here to go to school!
  20. I just switched from driving alone to the UCSB Vanpool.
  21. I only carpool when into work because I know I will be at work VERY late that day.  I will also carpool into work only when my bike breaks (flat tire or some other malfunction).  But my bike is only down for about a day at the most.
  22. I rode the bus/my bike for nearly 5 years to UCSB, then when my fiance' moved in with me, he started dropping me off at work on the way to his job.  Carpooling with him is cleaner and faster than the bus (the line 25 takes half an hour to drive 4 miles!).  Plus I can't very well expect a kiss goodbye from the bus driver, now can I?
  23. I take some night classes which usually don't get done until 9-9:30 at night and I don't want to walk home in the dark after class from the bus stop so I drive on the days I have class.
  24. I take the van pool to work almost every day because it is much less expensive than driving my car back and forth to Lompoc.    Because of the parking problems on campus, I rarely leave campus at lunch because it is so difficult to leave and return and find a parking space in one hour.  It would be great if there was a lunch shuttle service to the Camino Real Marketplace for staff and faculty.  I also think that we should be given an hour and a half lunch once a week to be able to get off campus and do errands, etc. because it is so difficult to do this in one hour's time.  The fact that I can borrow a car from parking services if I am sick and need to go home is an excellent service, but it would be good if we could also borrow a car for doctor's appointments in Santa Barbara.  I know that this would be difficult to coordinate but it would be helpful for those of us who take the van pool. 
  25. I think that carpools of 2 people should be able to get access to the carpool parking spots. My choice to participate in a carpool *is* a conscious decision, and not only did I have to give up the freedom to come and go as I desired -- but I also have to be very organized in terms of having what I might need for the day with me. To be honest, I would prefer later work hours and my carpool co-participant would prefer earlier ones. So, we did have to compromise in order to set up our carpool.  We do feel good that we're helping out the environment and parking situation on campus -- but to be honest -- we'd love to be on our own (and this is after 3.5+ years of carpooling together!)
  26. I use the Santa Ynez UCSB Van Pool 4 days a week and it has been working out well.  
  27. I used to ride the bus to and from campus every day when I lived in Goleta.  Now, I live on the Mesa and riding the bus is not convenient.  My wife and I drive to and from campus together every day.
  28. I want a direct bus route via freeway from cliff Dr. to UCSB
  29. I was on the vanpool from Lompoc for 3 years, but got tired of it and it left Lompoc too early.  I would have liked to have tried the Clean Air Express, but it leaves Lompoc even earlier than the vanpool does.  I then took a new position that required me to stay late on some weekdays, so I started driving alone about a year ago.  I have now have hooked up with another woman I met on the vanpool (who also got tired of being on the vanpool), and we try to carpool in together as much as we can, probably 3 days a week.  My job requires that I stay late some evenings, therefore I must drive in alone on those days.
  30. I would like to have a train or metrolink type service available from the Camarillo area. Currently the Amtrack schedule is not convenient.
  31. I would take the bus if it was faster, more frequent pick ups and get me to work by 6:50
  32. If there was a train/subway type transportation for those who need to commute that will go straight to and from UCSB to Ventura County and other close by counties.
  33. Light rail   would be nice if there were more times for each direction.
  34. Loosen the carpool permit rules - it is not always 50/50 in terms of who drives etc. especially when there are more than 2 people in the carpool.  There are times when all 3 of us need to park on campus- we can't do that with a carpool parking permit, but we should be given some type of incentive financially for carpooling.  Also, there are a lot of North County commuters (Santa Maria) - more focus needs to be placed on us, not just those fortunate enough to live in SB.
  35. Make loaner transportation available for off-campus errands.  At least half the time when I drive it's because I have to leave campus for a dentist appointment or other errand.
  36. make the students pay NOTHING for parking; charge VISITORS!!
  37. maybe smaller buses that run more frequently; an express bus that picks up on the east side
  38. more bike racks
  39. more buses, especially more express buses.  like a la cumbre mall express bus. and one that makes a continual loop from UCSB to IV to Calle Reale.
  40. More parking on campus would be wonderful. Lower parking fees would be even better.
  41. more van pools
  42. My carpool partner had a change in her schedule which means we can no longer carpool.
  43. My problem w/ buses is that they are there for the AM, but not available after work, thus requiring over a mile in walking distance from the nearest line still operating.
  44. need another parking structure besides the mesa near the lagoon side of campus, fix cracks and holes in the road
  45. other reasons to carpool: work late on campus and don't like biking thru IV late on weekends because of drunk driving/biking/etc
  46. Schedule changes quarter to quarter. I'm looking forward to biking more in summer.
  47. Sorry if my answers seem funny, I used to bike or walk to campus because I lived in Isla Vista but am planning on living downtown starting in July and am going to look into the bus system because I cannot afford to drive everyday... I included my permanent address (that of my parents) because I am living in Madrid currently (and by the way, I love public transit here!!!)
  48. Stop building over the parking lots.  I work in Engineering I, and if I arrive at campus after 6:00am, then the closest parking spot I can use (S permit) is a 7-10 minute walk from my office.  If I arrive after 7:30am, this is more like a 10-15 minute walk because I need to park even further away!  Get rid of the parking kiosk when coming in on the highway, this causes too much traffic.  Stack parking is a pain.  Although I never use it, I constantly end up with one or more cars parked behind me when I am trying to leave.  This adds an extra 5+ minutes of waiting...  Provide more bike lockers (and advertise them more).
  49. The actual transportation to campus is not difficult; driving or biking myself to campus is easy. Parking on campus, however, is extremely difficult. I work in Engineering II, and the closest I can park to my building is Lot 12 (Lot 11, if I'm extremely lucky). That means that it takes 10 minutes to walk to my building. This is difficult when the weather is bad or when I wear high-heeled shoes. I know this sounds petty, but it can be frustrating. In addition, there are frequently bikes, cars, and other vehicles on walkways, which makes the route to my office less than appealing and occasionally dangerous. At the same time, there is construction on almost all sides of Engineering II, and from what I understand, after parking spots are added, there will be no net increase in the number of parking places. And there will be several hundred MORE people employed in the new buildings who will need parking places. What can UCSB do to improve the overall situation? When planning for new buildings, UCSB should consider where everyone is going to park, OR UCSB should be willing to dole out serious incentives for alternative transportation - more than the free parking hours. Parking is $35 per month. If I ride a bike to work, maybe UCSB should pay me $35 extra per month for freeing up one of their parking spaces. UCSB could also reduce parking fees for staff (since we're certainly not getting paid at market rates). I'd also be willing to park off-campus if UCSB could shuttle me to campus (similar to off-site airport parking).
  50. The parking permit fees are ridiculous!!! Most communters are travelling to UCSB from outside the area because they cannot afford to live in or near Santa Barbara. However, gas prices are on the rise, there isn't a decent bus system, and now the parking fees are extremely high.  My commute is becomming a factor in my ability to continue attending UCSB.
  51. The TAP program works well for my husband and myself.
  52. Vanpool is great.
  53. We would love to take Amtrak to work but they dont' run often enough (twice a day and the first one in is after noon). It would be very convenient for us, and less expensive than driving. In the Bay Area, Caltrans runs quite often and there is nothing like that around here, although the track exists, going through carp (and I assume farther south) right into Goleta, where there could be a shuttle bus to the university.
  54. What about more drivers for vans and new passengers
  55. You should have an option that the free parking passes didn't work EVER. That's why I stopped carpooling.
  56. you should tell students this when they enroll.

D—Comments (Walkers/Bikers)

  1. Improve the bus option by increasing the frequency on heavily served routes. For example, I take route 11, but it only comes every 30 minutes. It is a huge bummer if I just miss one bus and have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Another suggestion is to provide an express bus to other parts of SB than just downtown.
  2.  Add a bike path through the east-side of campus.  It is very inconveniet to get from the Chem Buliding to anywhere by the libriary.
  3. 1. Biking is faster than busing for me, but biking is not faster than driving would be.  2. I have never used an outside bike rack on campus, because I don't think it's safe for my bike. I always bring my bike in to the office. Around campus, I believe there are a number of bike racks which are not configured to lock up the frame of your bike with a U-lock (they're too short); please think about the actual usefulness of a given bike rack style whenever selecting new ones.
  4. 24X needs to run more often... every quarter hour and half hour
  5. A bike path along the walkway in front of Broida.
  6. A bike path from the biology labs and marine buildings by the lagoon over to the path leading out of campus to Trigo would be very convenient instead of back tracking through campus. Also, it would be nice if there was a path that connected the physics bike lot to the outside path over by the chem buildings.
  7. A bike path link from Broida to Engineering rather than having to bike all the way around campus, which nobody does anyway.
  8. A bit off topic: Don't charge for IV parking.
  9. A few more bike racks on weird parts of campus. Along with the Broida bike path. A free 2 hour parking area somewhere on campus, for a class, then work or errands, or in case work runs late, just flexible area.
  10. a more frequent/accesible bus service may be helpful.  I don't have a car but I still don't think individuals should have to pay any money on a PUBLIC street without any additional gurrantee of parking.  If there were a parking structure, I know many indiviuduals who would pay to have a GURRANTEED spot.  The parking plan is particular unfair to low-income individuals who may need to use a car to transport their children for example to school.  Additionally the MTB bus system is has good hourrs during the "work day hours" but after they become very limited and difficult to employ.  The bus system is very nice though.  I am a fan of environmentally friendly practices when it comes to transportation but I sorry charging people for parking on their own street is both illogical and should be unconstitutional.  There are too many spoiled rich kids that go here whose parents are gonna still pay for them to have a car and pay the fees.  And as much as i think the school should take more of their money, cuz they have it - it really is unjust.  And by the way I shold get some tution break or something for not having a car down here - its is fine to be without one - so maybe incentives that way - not puinishment.  I apoligze survey people, you are not the enemy - but please pass the message on - thanks!
  11. a plethora of parking at low cost
  12. a rainy day bus available in i.v. for those who regularly ride their bikes, a clear designated place for students to pay a small fee to park for the day on the occasion they need to drive once in a great while- in a couple main locations around campus, 30 min. parking without a meter (to drop off something or grab something from the UCEN), free parking on weekends and nights for all
  13. A shuttle service from UCSB to IV, that is more frequent than the bus.  Electric cars could be used and it would be environmentlay friendly. 
  14. a street from IV should go directly into campus instead of having to go back out to the main road, then people could get dropped off faster near Manzanita
  15. Add an additional bus stop near the entrance to campus (Engineering area)
  16. Add more bike paths, and more parking for bikes at certain areas.
  17. Add more bike racks, decrease parking costs
  18. Adding an extra bus stop on the east end of campus, and of course, building a parking structure for each new building.
  19. Adding street lights on the busy bile path that starts behind the Materials department! Often late in the evenings and at nights joggers, people with dogs on the leash and pedestrians in general walk with no lights in the middle of the path causing an hazard for themselves and bicicle riders. This becomes a serious problem in winter when daylight time is very short and it gets dark before rush-hour.
  20. Allow day time parking without such heavy fees.
  21. Allow more student parking during the day. It's just really hard to find parking anywhere nearby and then you have to walk so far to get to where you were going.
  22. Allow people to take good and expensive bikes into buildings/offices, instead of having to leave them at the bikeracks.
  23. Allow students who want to pay to purchase a parking pass even if they live "Close Enough" in Isla Vista. Although I live close, I have to get back home to get to my car before work and it wastes precious time. If I could just drive to school when I needed to, that would be significant.
  24. along with the checked off reasons, I don't drive or take the bus to school because I live so close to campus that it's just more trouble to drive than bike or walk.
  25. Although the walk from bike stand to class is less than three minutes, since the bike path routes are inconvient, it takes at least five minutes longer to get to the bike racks than it would if there were more paths with more direct routes.  For instances, Chemistry building or Buchanon from the CLAS area.
  26. Another way to drive into IV through campus would be nice. They installed an entrance by my house on sabado tarde RD for the bus. It seems that if they made that open to the public then there might be less congestion in the main part of IV.  I also think it would make it quicker to get home. Although it would increase the traffic and make biking to class slower, but I think that would be a good thing.
  27. As a grad student, my day is not finished when I leave at 6pm.  I also come back at night (8-9pm) and leave again when I'm finished (11pm). A long, constantly operating, ground-level ski-lift would be best.
  28. As there really isn't enough parking on campus, there should be some off campus lot with shuttles to the campus.  I know that for people working late, buses can be difficult because they start to run less frequently later.
  29. as unasthetically pleasing as it may be, it would be nice to have bike parking in more locations, like RIGHT NEXT to phelps (i think it's phelps... it's that building with 4 large lecture halls near the eternal flame thing) and possibly more bike paths and/or WIDER bike paths (i'm sick of almost crashing into 8 people a day in those damn crowded bike paths during the rush hours)
  30. Athletes should have free parking permits at UCSB because they have practices before the meters are alowed to give parking passes out, and for games, its not fair that they have to pay to PLAY FOR THE SCHOOL! :)
  31. Better / more bike paths
  32. Better bike paths
  33. Better bike paths and fixing the pavement of some of them
  34. better bike paths- too bumpy, not well-taken care of
  35. Better bike racks. Run a commuting shuttle system to improve parking. More parking passes w/ TAP program.
  36. Better bus routes!!  Someone needs to look into a satellite parking lot...
  37. Better Bus Service.  It's frustratingto have to get out of class early to get onto a bus.
  38. better educate students about the bus routes and times, i have never seen a schedule
  39. Better information about emergency rides off campus when unexpected situations arise.  Showers on campus for bicycle commuters.
  40. better lighting on bike paths encourage county to upgrade bike path along Goleta beach -- rough surface, pedestrian danger
  41. Bike lanes are too congested and somewhat dangerous!!! T
  42. Bike lockers... and nice showers so we don't stink;-)
  43. Bike path from Library to Chemistry with out riding near Anacappa
  44. bike paths are dangerous. stop signs are needed or something to help the flow. bike path is needed from engineeering to center of campus
  45. Bike paths are great
  46. Bike paths are wonderful. 
  47. Bike paths on campus are overcrowded and poorly laid out.  It would be nice to have a tunnel crossing the road from the campus to the  bikepath along the ocean. I think the TAP program is quite good.  It makes not having a parking permit an option.  Not having a parking permit disciplines me to take  bike every day.
  48. Bike-racks are not safe. I really love to bike to campus, but my bike was stolen once. Campus should provide indoor bike racks which require a key for access.
  49. Biking is my favorite mode of transportation from home to UCSB.  However, I like the option of riding the bus for free, especially during the rainy season.  Also, my main mode of transportation has been moving towards the bus as my bike was recently stolen from locked in the racks at UCSB.  So, until I get another one, the bus will be my main mode of transportation. 
  50. Biking is the best way to get to campus from Isla Vista.  I wouldn't consider any other way. Sometimes at night I like to drive to the library, however.  And there is NOT enough parking.  There needs to be another parking lot for library/UCEN go-ers.  We don't like to ride our bikes home in the cold at night.  There are never ANY parking spots and it deters me from studying at the library.  I would love a new parking lot close to the library/UCEN!
  51. Biking is the easiest way for me to get around campus because I live so close.  Next year I will live a few blocks farther away, so I will probably take the bus onto campus and keep my bike there for gettng away.  The most important thing to me is speed, I think.
  52. Biking is the most efficient way to campus from Isla Vista.
  53. Biking to campus is very convenient and easy for me.  Maintaining and adding to the bike paths is the best immediate improvement. It would be nice if the buses in SB-Goleta in general came more frequently and ran later. In particular, I would like to the see the SBCC express bus run until at least 7pm.  It would be nice if the Downtown express also ran later.
  54. Broida Expressway!
  55. broida expressway.. bus stop near engineering side of campus
  56. Broida hall bike path is needed, because now I have to go south, take the road to UCEN, which involves mingling with auto traffic, then with pedestrians at the UCEN sidewalks.
  57. Build additional bus stops at least one and preferably two points, especially near the East Gate.  Increase the frequency of buses.
  58. Build an infrastructure of an underground series of interconnected tunnels like the vietkong. Just kidding.  Aside from the parking structures already underway, which will be very useful for drivers, UCSB could put up signs advising cyclists against riding 'double wide' on the campus bike paths. It takes me 24 minutes to go 7.5 miles getting to campus. But once there, ill-trained cyclists add on 4-6 more minutes on my route to classes.
  59. build fricken parking structures and stop taxing all the students.  we're sick of it!!
  60. Build more bike paths on campus that students don't have to bike around campus just to get to somewhere near.
  61. Build more parking spaces in logical places! I'v parked at the structure by SAASB maybe once and I've parked at the library parking lot probably 40-50 times, but there's 4x to 5x as many spots at the structure. Good job on adding spaces to the library, credit where credit is due.
  62. Build more parking structures. Get rid of night parking spots that are reserved for faculty and staff... in other words make all spots available at night for anyone as long as they pay.  People like to drive to campus at night because it is safer and warmer but when close parking spots are not available this is just pointless.
  63. Build the Broida bike pathway.
  64. Build the Broida expressway quickly.  Instigate whatever plan is needed to make more parking available in Isla Vista for residents so that we can park outside our own homes without competition from commuters.  Make parking at UCSB free or very inexpensive at night so that people going to the library, seminars, etc. can drive instead of walking or biking for SAFETY reasons and be able to afford it and find spaces.
  65. Build the stupid bike path from the library/Broida bike path to engineering 2 already. 
  66. buildings should have inside rooms dedicated to bike storage.  I keep mine in the office during the day.  I don't think I'd like having to lock it up outside.  the new so-called 'green' buildings are poorly equipped for bike storage. 
  67. Bus service to most parts ends to early in the day, so those of us who need to work late need to find other ways to get home.
  68. bus should come more often, and run later than 12, students often study or stay in school later than 12 am,we really need the later bus services.
  70. busses that run more frequently and drive a more direct route more free TAP passes to grad students cheaper parking permits
  71. Carshare program, raise parking fees on campus, pay people to carpool/bike/bus, etc.
  72. Certain bike parking areas are over-crowded while others are left fairly empty.  Re-evaluation of bike traffic on campus would really help - case in point, the parking area over near Kerr Hall/South Hall and the Ucen
  73. Charge people who don't life in IV (such as on-campus people) to park in IV.
  74. cheaper and more parking on campus!!!!!
  75. cheaper parking costs
  76. Cheaper parking prices and cheaper citations because 30 dollars is absurd.
  77. Cheaper Parking.  It is ridiculous that I have to pay so much money to park a car, and the only available parking is over the Rec Center.  There are no classes by the Rec so the walk takes nearly 10 minutes.  There is too little parking at too high a price.
  78. Cheaper/Easier Parking
  79. Clearly mark in all parking lots whether they are open spots or faculty only.  The signs aren't easy to see.
  80. Community bikes that can be shared for those that don't have access!!!
  81. connect the bike path between broida and engr I
  82. Coordinate with the MTD to provide more frequent bus service.
  83. create a bike path going through the middle of campus from the library to campbell hall
  84. create a parking lot with 1 1/2 hour parking permits for students who are only parking on campus to attend a single class.  Or instead of only allowing students to park after 5pm allow students to park all day but in specific lots where parking will be allowed for only an hour and half.  This will prevent students from parking there perminantly but will allow students to commute to school especially on rainy days.  Walking or biking when it is raining is a pain and sometimes prevents me from going to class, but if i could park and attend class i would.
  85. create a parking structure for students and faculty at the dirt lot and use a shuttle service that makes quick deliveries.  Create more bike paths and make a skater friendly walkways on campus. 
  86. Create a road that goes directly through campus
  87. create more car lots and more bike paths without it being so expensive
  88. Create more parking in Isla Vista by eliminating the red curbs in every bus stop, and pretty much the whole bus system in all. 
  89. create the bike path from broida to engineering
  90. D&: there should be a check place for NO
  91. D2. I choose not to
  92. d3, i tend to ride my bike because it takes less time than waiting for the bus, riding and then waiting for class to start. it's just more convenient to bike.
  93. D6 I park my bike in my office. If I did not have this secured parking I probably would not ride to work.
  94. Deal with the parking situation.  UCSB should provide adequate parking, but under the current situation it doesn't.  UCSB has been something of a bad neighbor to Isla Vista, now to the point where we will probably have to pay hundreds of dollars per year to park on the street right in front of our houses.
  95. Develop some alternatives to encourage people not to have individual cars.  THis problem is a safety hazard to all pedestrians and bikers, takes up a lot of space that could be used for better things, and is the culture behind one of the largest environmentally destructive situations.  Providing more bus routes, a car share program, bans against solo cars, education on why cars are harmful and alternatives are important for the health of the future.
  96. Do something to discourage people from using their cars--I would feel safer and it would be easier on bike if there weren't so many cars. I'm not saying cars are evil, but who (of normal health) needs a CAR to get around Isla Vista? It's pathetic. Encourage people to walk or bike instead of drive around this small town.
  97. Don't charge for IV parking. It's absurd and I do not think it will solve the problem, but simply displace it to other close Goleta areas.
  98. Don't charge so much to park.
  99. Dont charge sooo much for parking and have more parking available. Do not charge for parking in IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Don't give full time permits to people living in Isla Vista.  Only alow them temperary permits because it's so close. 
  101. don't hire parking meter agents who are dicks.
  102. dont put parking passes in isla vista, it will make it hard for me to leave that dirty hellhole if i had to pay a few hundred dollars a year(in addition to maintaining the vehicle and paying insurance which already put a dent in my wallet) to park my car. maybe place some sort of signals in the bike paths, even though i rarely bike, i witness numerous accidents.
  103. dont take away our nights and weekends any more.
  104. Driving to Campus from Isl Vista is unnecessary and too difficult.  I don't know waht it is like to commute to camous from outside Isla Vista.  One of the suggestions I do have is that the start of the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde was made into a through road this year, but only for the bus.  I think it should be a through street for all cars, because driving all the way around campus is a waste of time and gas.
  105. Dude, I live right by school and have no problems with transportation.  When I lived in FT I used the bus a lot and it worked fine.  Transportation is fine.  I don't want to see UCSB turn into a school filled with cars and parking lots.  Screw that.  Everyone needs to get their asses out on bikes and skateboards.  The bike paths and bike parking lots are perfect.
  106. Easier biking routes to campus.  Those who live in Isla Vista need faster bike trails to get to campus.
  107. Encourage more carpooling and KEEP the two mile rule where students from IV and surrounding areas cannot buy a parking permit.
  108. Everything is good.
  109. everything should be more sustainable
  110. Expand the bike lanes.  Sometimes when coming to or from a class there is a lot of "bike traffic" and congestion so everyone gets stuck behind someone slow, or two slow people riding side by side.
  111. Express busses from downtown should be more frequent, every 20 minutes. There should be an express bus to and from Five Points, every 20 minutes. Express busses should go throughout the day, every 30 minutes during mid-day, not every 60 minutes like it is now.
  112. Extend the bikepath between Broida and Engineering.
  113. Extending bus service (frequency as well as locations serviced) to neighborhoods outside of Isla Vista, Elwood, and downtown Santa Barbara would help those who live in Goleta (or who would live in Goleta if there was a bus line that ran at times accessible to a student and within safe walking distance).
  114. Fire []. His own employees distrust his judgement and he makes arbitrary and capricious decisions without fear of having to be accountable.  Extend and enlarge the TAP program, specifically to include the holiday breaks and the summer sessions (for grad students that aren't enrolled over summer but still work/study on campus).
  115. fix all the crazy cracks around campus that catch skate wheels
  116. fix bike path from Francisco Torres to campus
  117. For a student living in Isla Vista, I can't think of much that could be done to make it easier for us to get to campus. We are directly adjacent, so really all that can be improved is the quality of the bike paths. Congestion is a common problem.
  118. For those who live in Isla Vista, getting to campus is not a problme. However, attempting to get to a reasonably grocery store is rather difficult to do by bus as it takes several hours. More frequent buses would make this a much more valid option.
  119. Free bus rides for students is a great idea. Parking prices are absolutely absurd, so that could use some work. Prices just keep rising... students already have to pay more than enough for tuition and books.
  120. free hot dogs on Tuesdays!
  121. free parking for the gym use. it is horrible to pay the machine one quarter for ten minutes. you're ripping us off. and who wants to go to the gym after five or on weekends. plus, that machine for the free night/weekend pass is hard to figure out if you're getting charged the ten dollars or not.
  122. -Get 30000 community bicycles so no time wasted locking bikes -Invert the paths, bike path becomes walkway, everything else is for bikes. Pedestrians beware. -UCSB atheletic teams pull rickshaws.
  123. Get bent
  124. Get rid of night and weekend parking.  Install more safety cll boxes
  125. give more benefits for car pooling, ex- discounted lunches at on campus cafes which will in turn decrease the amount of people that go off campus for lunch.
  126. Giving more parking permits as a more reasonable price.
  127. have a bus that goes to the classrooms in IV like embaracadero and iv theater
  128. have a small bus system that goes down Del Playa on the hour every hour.
  129. Have buses come more frequently or have a shuttle specifically for students.
  130. have instant transporters
  131. have more 30 minute parking w/o needing a pass, don't be so mean about ticketing for parking.
  132. Have more buses that go and come from UCSB and at all hours of the day.  And the best thing would be to add a parking structure, or more levels to the one we already have because it is really hard to find parking after 8:00 AM.
  133. Have more convenient bike racks closer to buildings, and limit the number of long-term parking permits sold.
  134. have more parking and make it cost less!!!
  135. have more space in the bike lots build an accessible parking garage allow more accessible visitor parking spaces
  136. have shuttles throughout isla vista to bring students to campus.  this would cut down on bike path congestion.
  137. have some kind of program for students with children. Its too expensive for me to park and not safe to have my child at the bus stop due to the weather.
  138. Have two bus stations on campus.  While it is only a 3 minute walk from my home to a bus stop, it is a 10 minute walk from the bus circle on campus to the engineering buildings.
  139. Help make Hollister Ave. a safer place to ride a bicyle.  That street gets pretty scary.  Improve the bike lane by painting a solid white line instead of just having a faded out picture of a bike on the pavement every 50 feet and have the words "Bike Lane."  Well, I should say suggest this to the City of Goleta...
  140. Higher publicity of bus stop locations and schedules might make the bus more appealing.
  141. I also ride a motorcycle occasionally. Recently motorcycle parking has become extremely limited. Especially on the east side of campus. I think the parking available around eng I and eng II should be increased, not decreased, even during all the contruction.
  142. I always bike to campus. It is the fastest, easiest way to go. The ability to bike to campus is a main reason for why I live in Isla Vista. I wouldn't want to drive to campus each day because it limits your flexibility, it costs a lot, and it is much more of a hassle. Also, I like being able to go back and forth from campus, home and errands during the day.
  143. I am close to campus, and only drive to class if it is a night class during the winter, so I can avoid the cold bike ride home. If I had to pay for parking at night, or if it was hard to find a space, then I would not bother driving even for the night classes.
  144. I am going to live Goleta next year, so my biggest fear is not being able to get to school on time or that it will be expensive.  Therefore, I propose that more parking spots should be built or better bus services.  Although the school is discouraging students from using a car, it is the best mode of transportation.  It is convenient and dependable for students.  I used the bus frequently in the summer, but it was late many times causing me to be be written up at work.  Also the school will benefit from it too because they will get funds from parking permits. However, the permits should not cost so much.  Biking is the best mode of trasportation, but it is only beneficial for students living in I.V.    
  145. I am in the UCSB van pool program.
  146. I am part of the TAP program but I think there should be more insentives for people who do not drive, including financial other than the fact that we save on parking and gas. It is important to get people to use alternate transportation. It would also be good for departments to make times of arrival al little more flexible for people who use alternate transportation.
  147. I believe that walking and public transportation should become more publicised improved to make it more popular.  It is the smart and convenient way to do things, cars are unnecessary and overused, yes I understand if you are in a hurry use a car, but I choose to be without a car because it is more rewarding to go with public transportation and the bus.  To improve I would make the schedules easier to understand and of course busses more frequent
  148. I bike mostly because I like to, I get exercise, and it's just as fast as riding the bus.  I don't drive because gas and parking permits are expensive and driving is a hassle.  Having the express bus, 24x, from downtown is a great alternative if it is raining, etc.  I wouldn't ride the bus if it took longer than the express bus does (15-20 min).  The University can really encourage bike commuting by providing showers/lockers and providing a safe east entrance to campus.  The east entrance is currently unsafe and TPS as well as Physical Facilties lack the will to correct it.
  149. I bike to work nearly every day, year round.
  150. I can walk to school faster than it takes the bus to get there.
  151. I can't get a parking permit because I live within 3 miles of campus.  Driving is a mess before class and regularly takes 3 times as long as biking (ie. driving takes as long as walking).  The only parking lots available to me are not near any of my classes.  The (future)broida extension of the bike path will save me even more time.
  152. i chose to live in iv because the cost of a permit and gas and trafic made it a better choice, and offset the cost of high rent. walking is a great form of exercise and i like walking, however it would have been nice to have been able to live further away and commute to school by car to have the same flexibility
  153. I do not need other modes of transportation.  I only hope that the public transportation available is highly punctual and safe for both passengers and the environment.
  154. I do not ride my bike to school; because I.V. drivers and bikers are crazy and I have almost been run down several times, I feel safer to walk, although with walking I don't feel safe from the crazy drivers, more law enforcement is needed to make sure I feel that no cars or bikes are going to run me down.  Also, I walk home from school very late at night, after 11:30 buses rarely run and if they do, I don't feel safe waiting for them.  Also some of the bus drivers are rude. 
  155. I dont necessarily want to drive to school everyday but I would like parking at night and on the weekends for such things as the library and whatnot to be easier.  I would go a lot more to services offered if it was more accessable and not such a hassel
  156. I dont need to worry about transportation because my house is so close to campus that I could get there faster by foot than by car.
  157. i don't take the bus because  i live so close to UCSB
  158. I don't think there are enough direct bike paths to all the areas on campus especially when coming from Isla Vista and going to ENGR 1 and the other surronding ENGR buildings.
  159. I don't think there is a need to. Most people live in Isla Vista and bike or walk to campus, which is easy, quick, and convinient.
  160. I don't think there is any problem with transportation to campus, or with parking in Isla Vista.  I have lived here for 2 years and never had much of a problem.
  161. I drive alone winter quarter because of the dark evening commute home.
  162. I feel that IV should not have parking restrictions(i.e. pay parking).  I use bikes/boards/feet to move around campus and IV, and i believe that to the best way.  Also, the bus system from UCSB to State St is very good. The only issue i can bring up is the lack of a bike rack near phelps hall and bucannon. Naturally, of course, there is no bike path either.
  164. I feel that the bus system that UCSB has with MTD and the rest of Santa Barbara is great.  I think that it is highly useful and important in the effort to get single passenger vehicle use down.  Since I lived in IV, I did not need to use the bus that much but felt that it was useful if I ever did need to take a trip into Goleta or Downtown
  165. I feel the transportation is great how it is.  However, I live close enough to campus and love biking/walking so I don't feel the need to use transportation that UCSB provides.
  166. I find that UCSB is a very bike-friendly campus, and I plan to continue biking to school a majority of the time (even with a carpool arrangement), unless I relocate so that my commute takes over 30 to 40 minutes.  TAP, particularly the 6 free days of parking for when it rains or I need to transport materials, makes biking a particularly attractive alternative for me.
  167. I have a car at UCSB that I use frequently to run errands, do things for work and to help me enjoy California and the west coast while I'm at school (I'm from NY).  I think that a parking permit fee of about $30 for the year is a good idea if and only if that money goes directly toward the improvement of Isla Vista.  Anything more then that I feel is ridiculous to charge college kids who live in a ridiculously wealthy area especially when it seems the money will not be going back to us.  It seems like the fee is taking from the poor of Santa Barbara to help the rich.  The main purpose of road parking for me is so that our driveway isn't packed in.  I think a parking permit will cause the limited driveway space that most people have to be used to a ridiculous level which will just further inconvenience all of us.
  168. I have lived in many different places and find the bike-friendly environment here very refreshing.  Perhaps more extensive bike lanes could be added to the communities around UCSB, but the lanes on campus meet my needs perfectly.
  169. I have my car at UCSB.  I don't need better transportation, I need a better parking situation.
  170. I have no problems with transportation, so I don't know what they could do.  Perhaps if there isn't already some kind of shuttle bus from Francisco Torres to campus, that would be an improvement.
  171. I hope they maintain the bike path along El Colegio Road so that bike commuters coming from that area do not have to deal with cars.
  172. I just switched from driving alone to the vanpool
  173. I know that this would be extremely expensive, but something like building a lightrail or bart transportation system throughout Santa Barbara and Goleta and connect it to the school would be a great idea.
  174. i like the old system of paying for parking.  plus it was cheaper and i liked not having to put a permit in my car for after 5pm parking
  175. i like walking, even though i have a bike. incidently, the most annoying thing about walking for transportation is the ridiculous number of bikes... at certain times of day some bike path intersections are SCARY. it can take up to 3-4 min to get across on foot!
  176. I live on campus so it is not that big of an issue. Next year I will also live very close to campus so I'm not sure it will bother me very much. I think that the biggest issue with the MTD busses is that the timing of them is not very convenient, especially if one wants to go downtown on a sunday evening, and they get stranded there for a long time or have to take the 11 instead of the much speedier 27X.
  177. I live on-campus, so many of these questions do not apply to me at all
  178. I live really close to campus so biking, walking or skating is the best thing.  Anything else is unecessary, and a waste of gas/time/money.  However, when I lived at home freshmen year (15 minute drive from campus), I drove myself everyday.  Parking was not difficult but inconvenient and rediculously expensive.  However, it was much better than taking the bus, which is inflexible, difficult to get to, and inconvenient.  Plus it took too much time, and with my schedule then, time was money, I needed any spare time I could get.
  179. I love being able to bike to school almost every day.  It's by far the fastest way to go and most convenient.  I very much appreciate the wonderful bike paths because biking on the street wouldn't be nearly as good.
  180. I love biking to school.  It is a great way to get some excercise each day, serves to wake me up in the morning, and I can enjoy the beautifcul weather outside.  Sometimes I wish that some of the hills weren't so steep, and that buchanan hall had a close bike rack to park in, but overall biking is still the best way to travel.
  181. I love biking to school.  The only thing I don't like about it is it is dangerous.  I was in a bike accident earlier this year because of the carelessness of other bike riders.  I think rules on bike safety should be better enforced on our campus.
  182. I love biking! I thought I would hate it but it's terrific! Of course, I am extremely lucky within a block of the bike path. At my old house (617 Cambridge Ave), I couldn't get accustomed to the heavy traffic of going over Fairview overpass or the roundabout way of taking the bike path to University Ave then returning along University to Cambridge. It sucked!  One thing UCSB can do is to encourage--or REQUIRE--managers to be more supportive of alternative means of transport to campus for their staff. Provide safe and secure bike parking near the work site or department. We have to work 8 hours; that's a lot of time for a nice bike to be exposed to an unscrupulous student! For bussers and Clean Air Expressers, allow flexibility in schedule--I've been unable to take advantage of the bus in the past few years because the schedule would get me here at 8:20 instead of 8:00 and my supervisor wouldn't allow that. Allow telecommuting. Or, for drivers, allow flex schedules like 8:30-5:30 to help alleviate traffic! That was a great option when I started working in my department, but then I got a new boss who wouldn't allow that--she said she wants everyone's schedules to be "uniform".
  183. i love public transportation in santa barbara! it has never failed me and i am always satisfied with my experience. bus drivers are friendly and the transportation schedule is always convenient. great job!!
  184. i love the many bike paths, put even more in!!!
  185. I really like riding my bike to campus. I think that there should be more bike racks on campus and more bike paths going to some of the newer buildings.
  186. I ride my bike because I can't get a parking pass because I live in IV.  I drive on the days that I have class at or after 5 when I can park.  I often arrive on campus from work so it is easier to drive.
  187. I ride my bike to classes and to work because I live on campus.  Why is that not an option for any of your questions?  I don't drive or take a bus to school because I don't need to.  I LIVE AT SCHOOL!  I have a car on campus, but  I use it rarely because I don't usually need to go anywhere.  Sometimes I drive to work because I work late and I work all the way in FT.  Other than that I pretty much bike everywhere on campus and in isla vista.
  188. I rode a motorcycle to school for about two months.  It was very easy and quick, not to mention I did not have to pay for parking.  I will never drive in my car because it is too expensive to park for only a couple hours, not to mention the parking services people are very attentive to cars parked too long in metered spots...I've had probably seven parking tickets in less then two years here at UCSB, I'm broke!
  189. I support the introduction of commuter rail with van or bus service from Goleta to UCSB.  Amtrak Surfliner could operate from the north one hour earlier in the morning to make this work, but they worry about the vast profits they are turining from the travel public.  We need to show rhem that they would be more profitable with commuter service plus travel service.
  190. I telecommute most of the time, but I generally drive or take the train into UCSB once per week.  The train leaves SLO at 6:30 and arrives about 9:00 am.  It then leaves at about 5:45 pm.  This is perfect timing for me. The only down side is that I have to call a cab when the train arrives and then get a cab back.  The bus schedule doesn't mesh well with the train.  It would be great if there were some kind of "on-call" service from the Goleta train station to UCSB and back again.
  191. I think a better question is what might UCSB do to improve transportation to Downtown Santa Barbara from Isla Vista or the campus loop, especially during the night.  Perhaps more buses running on Thursday, Friday, and Staurday nights would be awesome and would get a lot of service.  It would actually provide a "service" to the community by offering other modes of transportation besides Bill's Bus for $9.
  192. I think car sharing would be a very useful program.(The campus provides cars It would allow students who need a car to get around and do simple errands quicker.  Also, I think that the bus schedule could be a little better for those students taking the train.  The express bus to State Street at times does not allow for enough leeway time for students to get form the bus station to the train station. Also when arriving back to Santa Barbara train station, the State Street shuttle does arrive at a time for students to make it from the train station to the bus station in order to make the express bus (goes straight back to campus).  So the students then have to wait at least a half an hour for the next bus back to campus and that trip takes at least an hour to get back (it makes ever stop along the way to campus). 
  193. I think its nice that the university is doing these serveys to find out about students habits, but I usually assume it is just to provide later justification for further reducing parking on campus.  As a student, in the dorms, to be in IV the next week, I will tell you right now that I do not need a car to get to UCSB. Anyone who drives to UCSB from IV for classes is a gluton.  Hovever, I also work at UCSB. This summer I will be diving with a research group at the Marine Science Institute and I think it is rediculous that people who work there can't park there. I personally don't need to because I live so close, but for other employees who live far away it is unreasonable. Why does UCSB think they can get away with shoving their parking problem on Goleta Beach? Also, occasionally I need to bring my car to MSI to pick up heavy dive equipment and have to risk a ticket every time I do this.  I think the most important issue to me is that I need a car to get home. The Isla Vista plan jerks want to charge me $250 a year so that I can see my family on the weekends. Currently the University charges more for parking. Car owners are under assault because of poor planning by UCSB, plain and simple. If I were take alternative transportation via the train it would cost much more, take about 2.5x as long, and would use MORE fuel because my parents would have to drive 1hr both ways to pick me up from the closest train station(in a less effecient truck than my little civic). The University should provide a cheaper parking alternative at their B1-4 lots. Currently it is much to expensive considering these spots are not safer and much less conveniant than parking on the street. The parking problem in IV is UCSB's problem, and will be a factor considered by prospective students just as much as its shiney new buildings. Perhapse we should be building more parking structures than trying to build more buildings to attract more students to our already impacted school.
  194. I think more parking should be available for a lower price. Seven dollars a day is way too much, and sometimes there aren't any student parking spots available. You end up wasting your time and money driving around waiting for someone to leave. Other public universities do not charge for parking on campus.
  195. I think that parking on campus shouldn't cost so much or if it needs to be so expensive they need to come up with a faster way of paying so that you don't have to get a ticket and then walk it back to your car before you go to class.
  196. I think that the public parking available at ucsb for anyone who choses to pay for it is inconviently placed at the furthest location in the parking lot.
  197. I think that UCSB should invest in a carshare system. This would be a good change because many people just have their cars for occaisional trips and don't use them every day.  UCSB should also put more investment into the public transportation system.  And finally I think employees should have insentives for not driving at all and or carpooling.
  198. I think the bike system at UCSB is awesome. It provides students with an easy and affordable transportation system. Because our campus is so oriented towards biking, there is no real need for any major improvements in parking or other forms of transportation.
  199. i think the broida bike bath will be a great addition to the current system! 
  200. I think the transportation to campus is great. I love that riding bikes is the fastest way to get to class, taking the bus is way too slow, I've never tried it because my bike is so convenient.
  201. I think this question is aimed more at people who use cars to get to campus...I have yet to hear any complaints from the bikers.
  202. I think transportation is fine. However, more short term parking (i.e., an hour) should be available for free, or cheaper because those machines are a hassle and the parking people are asses sometimes.
  203. I think UCSB does a great job with transportation, and I am especially appretiative of the TAPS program.  Anyone who says that there isn't enough parking isn't trying hard enough to carpool or take alternate transportation.  Don't build any more parking lots.
  204. I travel via bike and live near campus so transportation to and from class is both comvenient and quick. My only suggestions would be to improve bike paths- many are bumpy and cracked from tree roots and can be dangerous in rainy weather- and to pass some kind of legislation banning cell phone use while biking, if it isn't outlawed already, because I've had a couple accidents thanks to distracted bikers.
  205. I walk to campus because there is no bus service near me in Isla Vista.  Also, it provides flexibility in my schedule that I can come and go as I please.  I drive alone for evening classes because I do not feel safe walking at night. 
  206. I wished the buses would run at later hours. While there is a bus going to Santa Barbara at night (line 11), it takes one whole hour to get there!!! I wished the 24 would run more frequently.
  207. I would like to see UCSB support green transportation and alternative methods of transportation such as clean burning motor bikes/small cars/biking.  I don't think that UCSB should build any more parking lots because we have an attractive environment and I think it will take away from the beuaty.
  208. I would love the trail through the Broida cooridor. Everyone should have an IVPM and pay for parking-on-demand. That is the fairest way to do it. My bike commute is worth 25,000/year or more. It is one of the best things about my life. I wish others knew how easy and wonderful it can be.  Thanks
  209. If I didn't walk, I would ride a bike.  I don't ride a bike because I don't like riding bikes, and the bike paths scare me.  The bus really isn't a practical option for me--by the time I walk to the bus stop, I'm halfway on campus.  And half of my classes are on the other side of campus (from where the bus loop is), so it is basically pointless.
  210. If parking were cheaper and driving options more friendly I would live farther away from campus and utilize parking options. 
  211. If they could provide some sort of sign up sheet for vanpoolers to use a car for appts. and such that would keep the cars on campus down.  When we have a 1 hr. Dr. appt here in SB, it's necessary that we drive that day.  This means more cars on the road, less parking for others, one more car polluting the environment.
  212. I'm in favor of more sidewalks in IV, but overall I love walking in IV. The parks are nice and the weather is great. It's one of my favorite parts of going to school.
  213. I'm in the TAP program. I think more time for parking with the meter should be allowed. Or at least for a temporary emergency situation. Last year I injured my knee and was not able to ride my bike for two and half weeks. I was not able to ride my bike but was able to work fine. After using up my alloted time I had my wife drop me off, which was inconvenient, and I hate riding the bus. I may need a knee operation, which would mean a couple of months of not being able to ride my bike. I'm sure other bikers run across similar situations. If we could have time added to our cards temporarily for medical reasons would be great.
  214. i'm moving out of iv without a car, so i will need to start using the busses (i'm dreading it).  i guess a direct ucsb stop from all the bus stations would help, so that i won't have to transfer.  or, a more frequent bus.  offering free rides to students.
  215. I'm not really sure about improving transportation to campus, but we could definitly use more bike paths on campus, or at least make a few more path connections.
  216. I'm not sure, this is a hard survey for me to answer because I lived on campus in the dorms, so it took me 5-15 minutes to walk to my class at any given time, and I often come back to my dorm between classes.
  217. Imporve parking spaces (i.e. more spaces and lots) and lower parking fees, fix & Maintain bike routes
  218. improve and expand bike paths
  219. improve availity of parking!! stop the parking tickets!
  220. improve quality of bike paths, extend the broida bike path to chem
  221. Improve roads and build parking structures over parking lots.  Encourage biking and walking. 
  222. Improve the bike [aths by widening them to accomodate everyone; they are too paked and damaged.
  223. Improve the bike paths and bike lots. Better lighting at night could be helpful.
  224. Improve the roads
  225. Improve Transportation--One bus that goes directly to the Amtrak station in Goleta and that also runs on Sundays and holidays there.  A lot of peope use the Amtrak station to go to their permanent homes but it is a hastle to go back and forth to campus.  It takes 1 hour to get off from the Santa Barbara Station to get onto campus due to the waiting for the bus and needing to take the bus up states street and then wait for a second bus. 
  226. in D5 and D6 I answered for why I SKATEBOARD... since I don't bike or walk often
  227. in need of a better parking solution other than these parking permits
  228. Increase number of bike path on campus so it would be easier/faster to go from one point of the campus to the other (example bike path from EngII building to Bren School and then to the librairy/UCEN).  More bike stands everywhere in the campus
  229. Increase number of bus routes, and increase frequency of bus routes
  230. Increase number of bus stops on weekends...
  231. Increase the number of bus stops on Isla Vista and have more buses run throughout IV and Goleta. Also have more frequent stops, not like every 30 mins, but maybe every 15-20 mins. It would help a lot!
  232. -Increase the width of the bikepath between Goleta Beach and campus. -Add a separate footpath for pedestrians between Goleta Beach and campus.  It's dangerous how many pedestrians are on the bike path in that area. -Increase the width of the bike path to
  233. Initiate a car-share program (in progress) for emergency use of those that use public transportation (e.g., to take child to hospital). Car-share program will increase demand for buses and alternative transportation, and reduce demand for parking and new parking structures on campus.
  234. Instead of huge, mass transit buses, I think UCSB should spring for students only shuttles.  It might be more cost effective, but I don't know; I'm a comm major.
  235. Isla Vista is a small town.  you can get anywhere in isla vista or on campus with a bike or a skateboard.  i strongly believe that the local area should be oriented for these modes of transportation and local car driving should be discouraged.  i know people that drive their cars around isla vista and to school.  they do it because they have the money and driving a car is the social standard mode of transportation.  i think they are lazy and unnecessarily destroying the atmosphere.
  236. It is difficult to get people to give up the freedom of driving their own vehicle, especially in California.  It seems the problem is parking on-campus.  Build a parking lot outside of campus and have frequent shuttles to campus. 
  237. It is good that UCSB has the option to park on campus, but parking enforcement and the amount of tickets issued and the amount of the tickets is absurd.  The parking enforcement office is unorganized, uninformed and is very unwilling to help or cater those people who attend the school and therefore necessitate their jobs. The school should do a better job with their parking enforcement and stop giving out such an enourmous amount of tickets to students who cant afford them.
  238. It is really good for students who live in I.V., I do think it's harder for those who drive to campus, because parking is always full near the library during the day.
  239. It is really good for students who live in I.V., I do think it's harder for those who drive to campus, because parking is always full near the library during the day.
  240. It is really hard to park on campus but that's not quite a bad thing.  People that drive are normally lazy unless they don't live in IV.  I think the parking after hours is a little rediculous.  All of the spaces should be available after 5 to all students and we shouldn't have to use our access cards.  We should get some sort of pass in the beginning of the year so that it is less of a hassle.
  241. It might be helpful to have parking lots closer to the central part of campus. If I happen to drive myself to school on a rainy day instead of riding my biycle, I tend to get more wet walking from the parking lot to class than I would have if I'd just walked from home.
  242. It would be nice for additional stops, aside from SAASB
  243. It would be nice to have a discount parking sticker for just Tues/Thur or Mon/Wed/Fri.
  244. it would be nice to have some other means of transportation that carried people from IV to Campus, like a trolley. Also, I am considering moving out of IV and into Santa Barbara because of the conditions in IV.  I would then have to drive or take the bus because of the distance.
  245. It's cool
  246. It's really difficult to drive to campus once in awhile if I feel sick or for some other reason; this should be at least a little easier for students, especially considering the amount of money we dump into the university every year.  There also needs to be more parking near the library on campus so students aren't forced to bike or walk back to Isla Vista late at night.
  247. Keep bike paths safe and in good conditions.
  248. Keep the bike path along El Colegio from Storke Rd to Campus in better shape.  It is very uncomfortable after a three mile bike ride to have to ride on a bumpy path.  Also there needs to be a sign so that people will not walk on the bike path between the Arts and Lecture Ticket office and Phelps Hall.  This is a very dangerous area and I have almost hit people several times.
  249. Late night Ellwood Shuttle/Campus/Campus Housing would be very useful and beneficial
  250. Less Buses through Isla Vista. Increasing the buses to campus is not environmentally friendly. Lower parking permit prices, the increase in Isla vista permits will surely guarantee extra sales for the closer blocks (6500) on campus to park in Lots 22,23, and 27.
  251. limit parking more instead of meeting demand. give priority to those who have no choice. maybe charge more for those who do have a choice and use the money to imnrove alternatives
  252. Local: Just what you are collecting these data to study - tailor bus routes and schedules to staff/faculty needs. Also, increase dedicate bicycle paths leading to campus Regional: Get serious about rail transport from North County and the Ventura Basin. To achieve these goals, UCSB will have to work with other local agencies - this is not a "UCSB alone" problem.  
  253. Lower parking fees and quit trying to steal more money from college students for parking in Isla Vista.  How about a new parking structure in one of those vacant lots that are everywhere in IV?
  254. lower parking permit prices, do not charge students to park over nights and weekends.  if we can have our friends or ourselves park over the weekend on campus or at night then that will help the parking situation in isla vista.  it's not a far walk to any where in IV from campus.
  255. lower parking rates
  256. lower parking rates on campus so people don't drive to IV and park.  I live close to campus and have to park my car on the street.  if i have to move my car on the weekdays, i generally won't find a parking spot within 3 blocks of my apartment.
  257. lower the costs of on campus parking and increase availability of parking on campus
  258. Lower the price for parking at UCSB, and the meter thing need to be longer.  And the parking officers need to give students a break because sometimes, the students is right there when they give out the parking tickets, that's not fair.
  260. make a bike path between broida and engineering buildings
  261. Make a bike path directly from broida to engineering II
  262. make a bike rule so that there are no accidents. Provide more parking spaces off campus and on campus so time is not wasted looking for one. 
  263. Make a bus stop for the shuttle at the rear end of the campus.  Near the Chem building or Engineering 1.  It takes a LONG time to walk across campus, and since the shuttle is UCSB-specific, it might as well travel to more locations that other buses won't go.  The shuttle should reach such stop at 55 and 25 of every hour.
  264. Make a rule that freshman can't bring their cars to school because they live on campus and UCSB has a lack of parking.
  265. Make another bus station on the other side of campus
  266. Make better bike paths.  Some need repair.
  267. make bigger bike lanes
  268. Make bike paths smooth please!
  269. Make Busses more frequent, and make better bus stops in event of bad weather, and more of them
  270. Make car parking more affordable and bike paths to all parts of campus that are convenient(engineering and the science buildings). Bike racks that are paved and so don't get muddy during the rainy season. More bike racks in general.
  271. make everyone bike, a somewhat sarcastic answer
  272. Make it cheaper and make underground parking in the already exisiting spaces so we don't have to build up.
  273. Make it cheaper to park on campus. I cannot afford the the cost for the quarter.  They should charge how much they charge for one quarter's parking for one year instead. Other campuses only charge $30 per quarter.  UCSB is not meeting the students needs.
  274. Make large bike only lanes and encourage clean transportation (biking, walking, skateboarding).
  275. Make living in Isla Vista cheaper/cleaner so more people can live there and walk/bike to campus. That would take a miracle though.
  276. make more bike paths accesing more areas on campus and make more bike paths accesing areas in isla vista. make biking and walking the best choice for everyone in the area, except for those that need their car for work.
  277. make more bike paths and lower the cost of parking
  278. Make more bike paths that would be easier to get to the engineering and chemistry classes without having to go all the way around campus.
  279. Make more bike racks closer to some of the other buildings.  Also, make the bike path go to all the major sections of classrooms on campus like a path down towards the Engineering bulding.
  280. make more metered parking and have them last 50 min.
  281. Make more parking available for FREE
  282. make more parking structures should be built so that everyone can find a spot. and parking cheaper (ie the meter) so that i can park for the amount of time that i want and not pay waaay too much. also, the meter should be available for more than 40 minutes. the parking should be 50 cents an hour, instead of 2 hours for 3 dollars. it's insane. especially since there are so many spaces and so many parking tickets given out i know there is some money floating around there somewhere. also, parking by the numbered stalls and pay machines should be available to those that dont have a parking lot permit during the day, or at all hours. i needed to park on campus at 3pm and couldnt find anywhere to park because it wasnt past 5 and the machine would not even sell a permit. 
  283. make on campus parking available to those w/in the 2 mile range.  When there is bad weather in the winter/early spring, difficult to bike or walk.  Also, I go to class from work or an internship which means i am commuting from more than 2 miles away.  I have to leave these places early to go find a parking spot near my house and then bike to school.
  284. make parking cheaper
  285. make parking cheaper
  286. make parking cheaper and more available to students
  287. Make Parking cheaper and stop trying to rip off students for all they're worth. I know the marjority of students but have $$$ to pay but so of us are on financial aid from low income families.
  288. make parking cheaper!!!
  289. make parking cheaper, and make more parking structures
  290. Make parking cheaper, and open up more spots on campus...That would solve alot of your problems.
  291. Make parking more accessible at night for people with night classes
  292. Make parking more available and much cheaper
  293. make parking more inexpensive and easier to understand
  294. Make S1 TAPS permits cover night/weekend parking in a greater selection of spot types (A and S 24 hours).  More parking near BIO II, for when I do use it (rarely).
  295. Make sure bike path along El COlegio remains easy to traverse (right-of-way through access to rotaries?)
  296. Make the 24X come more frequently on Saturdays.
  297. Make the bike paths safer. I often don't ride my bike for fear of getting hit by someone.
  298. make the bike racks less of a hassle.
  299. Make the parking meters free for students. They are paying enough to go to school here, and are not the richest people around. Also, students need more places to park, there is not much parking available to students or staff on campus, and these are the people who help keep the school running.
  300. Make UCSB parking cheaper so I can drive and not bike so far. Make the temporary parking cheaper--10 minutes for a quarter is crazy.
  301. Making a bike route from the Library to the Engineering buildings
  302. Many of the bike parking areas get exteremely crowded.  It would be nice if there were more bike parking spaces.
  303. Many of the bike racks at UCSB are rounded metal bars that are too low to lock your frame to using a kryptonite U-lock.  Sometimes I do not ride my bike if I need to leave campus becasue I can not secure my bike for a longer period.  Improved bike racks - they exists in some areas - would be appriciated.
  304. Many of the campus bike paths really need to be resurfaced.  There are lots of dips and potholes that are hard on the bikes.  Also, a path connecting the north and south sides of campus near the sciences and engineering really needs to be put in.  Such a path would make biking into work much more convenient for me.
  305. many of the questions on this survey didnt apply to me and probably wont for a lot of students living in IV
  306. Many students do find the need at some point to drive to campus, even if they live close. This includes minor injuries such as sprained ankles or the need to carry heavy objects such as books, art canvases, laboratory equiptment, etc. Campus parking is expensive and inconvenient and a compromise must be made between those who wish to park simply out of convenience and those who find parking intrinsique to their work and studies.
  307. Maybe we could have a shuttle service that only goes directly to UCSB non stop.  The station could be located in Santa Barbara and maybe one in Goleta.  So people can drive to the shuttle, park, and then use the shuttle to get dropped off on campus.  It could run from 8am till 7 pm.       
  308. Monorail!
  309. more and better sidewalks everywhere.
  310. More available parking for guests. When I lived in the dorms, there was nowhere for friends to park who visited. Also more free parking at the rec cen.
  311. More bike parking
  312. More bike parking spaces. Improve bike path condition.
  313. more bike pathes that run to more classes
  314. more bike paths
  315. more bike paths
  316. more bike paths
  317. more bike paths and more bike lots
  318. more bike paths around campus
  319. More bike paths e.g. between Campbell Hall to Library area. Repair/Repave bike paths. Better singing of who has priority on bike path roundabouts.
  320. More bike paths in Isla Vista would help alot in the dangerous environment of many cars on the street. It is hard for drivers to see the bikers/ pedestrians and hard for bikers/ pedestrians to see teh cars. I better system for bike lanes in IV to school would be much safer.
  321. More bike paths more parking structures, give up on buses.
  322. more bike paths on the far side of campus, ie: between broida and chem buildings and over by buchanan and to get to the engineering buildings
  323. more bike paths that go straight through campus
  324. More bike paths through campus.
  325. MORE BIKE PATHS TO THE SCIENCE BUILDINGS. It takes me 15 minutes just riding all over campus to get to the science buildings which fund most of the university through grants, i think it would be right for students to have better access to their classes/work. (broida bike path, chem bike path)
  326. more bike paths!
  327. more bike paths, a paved skateboard path, more bike racks,
  328. More Bike Paths, wider and user friendly
  329. More bike paths. Especially between the Engineering 1 area and the Arbor. Also more direct route is needed from the Arbor to Campbell Hall.
  330. more bike racks
  331. more bike racks
  332. More bike racks Allow biking on campus (not only on bike lanes)
  333. More bike racks and cheaper parking.
  334. more bike racks are needed.
  335. More bike racks around classes would be helpful, and more bike paths.
  336. More bike racks by the engineering buildings! AND, more bike paths!
  337. More Bike racks especially at HSSB.
  338. More bike racks, and a more extensive bike path network would be nice. 
  339. More Bike Racks, Perhaps an Isla Vista Parking Structure....or an on-campus parking structure. Parking on Campus was really hard for me last year, and I dont think the $2 price for a permit is that outrageous (at least not for somebody like me, who doesn't park on campus too often) but I think the lack of parking was a huge issue. I think UCSB could improve transportation by increasing the amount of parking spaces available.
  340. more bike spaces near campbell hall
  341. More bike-paths on campus.
  342. more bus stops and more bus routes
  343. more busses, carpool parking discounts
  344. More C lot parking availability
  345. More carpool resources
  346. More carpooling programs, safer bike paths. Add a bike path from Broida to Engineering.
  347. more direct bike paths (such as those that serve the engineering buildings)
  348. more direct bike paths, and BETTER PARKING FOR NON PERMIT HOLDERS/VISITORS!!!
  349. More direct footpaths
  350. More Direct Routes for drivers, more parking, and closer bike racks
  351. more free and unrestricted parking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  352. More frequent bus stops, especially to downtown and back.
  353. More frequent bus times.
  354. More frequent buses that go more places in Isla Vista, cheaper parking.
  355. More information about the bus system might encourage students to use it instead of personal automobiles...However, I think that is really only likely for those who live outside of the immediate IV area, and is contingent upon more access to bus stops, more continuous bus routes, and more flexible bus scheduling.  Within IV, I feel like the problems caused by an excess of personal cars within the student population is less directly related to transportation to and from capmus, and more directly involved with running errands/making trips outside of the IV area (i.e supermarket shopping, activities in downtown SB, etc)...I personally feel that the suggestion of required fees for street parking in IV is something for which landlords who provide insufficient off-street parking (despite exorbitant housing costs) should be held accountable, at least partially. 
  356. More IV bus stops
  357. More of the numbered parking spots would really help.  They tend to be more accessible to students when we want to occassionally park on campus.  The only time I drive to campus is when I can use my free night and weekend pass.
  358. more parking
  359. More parking  lots
  360. More Parking as well as a lock-out to all non-IV residents.
  361. More parking available to EVERYONE before 5 pm
  362. more parking for both cars AND bikes!
  363. More parking for less money
  364. More Parking for Students, and parking closer to classes
  365. More parking near the library.  I dive to campus at night to go to the library, and there is never enough parking. I don't bike at night because it is not save.
  366. more parking near the psych buildings. it takes the same amount of time for me to walk to the psych building from the mesa structure as it does from my home in iv.
  367. More parking spaces at lower costs!
  368. More parking spaces close to buildings that I access (mostly near Webb Hall) are needed. Bigger signs that designate where cars with certain permits are needed. Most importantly, CHEAPER PARKING for graduate students is DEFINITELY needed. I often take the bus home before it gets dark so that I can return to campus in my car so that when I work late I don't have to walk home from the bus stop alone, in the dark. During the winter, when it gets dark so early, this is a major inconvenience. I consider it dangerous for female students to be put in a position where they are particularly inconvenienced/hindered because they must be especially careful during the nightime hours.
  369. more parking spaces, lower costs of permits
  370. more parking spots and lower cost permits
  371. more parking structures with less cost for parking fees and better/safer bike paths!!
  372. More parking structures, more bike racks
  373. More parking!  Also, more bike racks are needed in some places (such as outside Campbell Hall)
  375. more parking!!!!!
  376. more parking, cheaper parking
  377. more parking, cheaper parking fees, better public transport
  378. More Parking, cheaper parking.  Allowence for students that work whose schedule makes it so they need to drive to school to get to work on time.
  379. More parking, cheaper parking. Changing the free night parking to 4:00pm
  380. More Parking, cheapter rates, and less tickets for things like 32 minutes in the 30 min parking, when you're walking out to your car
  381. more parking, parking structures, ucsb's own metro system, or own bus system
  382. More parking, reduced costs
  383. More people should bike. I think this would be done if there was a bit more incentive. Has UCSB considered positive incentives like maybe discounts to events or free memberships in the athletic facilities or whatever? I mention this because I know many people who seem to be just a little below threshold for switching to bicycle transportation...
  384. More people should walk, it's enjoyable, healthy and refreshing.
  385. More places to lock your bike in popular places like North Hall and near the Music lecture hall.  It is sooo anoying to not have a place to put your bike when you arrive at your destination.
  386. More roads for cars, more bike racks and paths
  387. More shade along the bike trails
  388. More TAP card incentives for people who bike to work. 
  389. Most students live in the isla vista area, meaning that they most likely bike to class.  So, the best thing ucsb can do is to make sure that the campus is well connected through bike paths, which they have done a marginal job with, fortunately the Broida freeway will really help out, unfortunately as a cost to students rather than the university which should have taken care of that years ago.   I don't take the bus to school because it would be an immense waste of time in comparison to biking or skating to class, both of which take about the same amount of time.  I see the bus system as an excellent way for me to get to downtown, but since I have enough friends with a car, I can usually just hitch a ride with them.   UCSB has NOT done a spectacular job at making the paths across campus skateboard friendly, and although we make due, it would be nice not to have to keep in mind where large divets are located and which paths are so rough that it is actually faster to take an alternative longer, but smoother root. Also the way the questions in this survey are phrased they do not incorporate the fact that I often make 2 trips to campus for class or to return home for lunch and the like, again a bike or skateboard is just the best means of transportation for the short distance and varied schedule i have
  390. Most students ride their bikes on campus and yet I know that entire segments of the campus are without proper bike paths, especially near the science buildings.  Fixing those sorts of issues would at least help with bike flow.
  391. MTD's addition of line 27 has made it fairly easy to get to class in a pinch b/c: (a)the ride is so short from my house (B)it comes about 2 times/hr (c) the bus stop is across the street from my house
  392. My bike trip takes just over 30 minutes door to door. This is faster than I can do the trip by bus, and is almost the same as it takes me to drive, park the car, and then walk across campus to my work. The most unpleasant aspect of biking is the stretch on State Street in Santa Barbara, where there is heavy traffic and many stop lights, but I imagine that that lies outside your jurisdiction. On campus I find the greatest problem is the mixing of bikes and pedestrians
  393. My schedule is all over the place.  I spend more than 60 hours a week in lab, on top of a 16 unit course load (college of engineering is gay).  This is why I leave campus at 4-6 in the morning and leave to go to calls again by 8.  I doubt buses would operate this late/early in the morning.
  394. My wife rides in 3x a week (when it is my turn to drive kids to school/pick up from daycare) and I ride in 2x a week (when it is her turn for the kids).  We have a TAP card for those RARE times when we need to have both cars on campus.
  395. need another parking structure besides the mesa near the lagoon side of campus, fix cracks and holes in the road
  396. need better parking structures, mostly by the library
  397. need more bikepaths/access to engineering, chem, and the biological science buildings thru campus (eg. the Broida bikepath)
  398. Need more buses at different times. Also increase buses after 7 p.m. too.
  399. no
  400. NO
  401. NO
  402. No comments; continued maintainence and expansion of the bike paths is important to improving the transportation issue.
  403. no parking permits in Isla Vista! I hate the new parking stations on campus, they are a rip off!
  404. Not charge students such high parking fees
  405. not charging to park on isla vista streets!
  406. Not have parking cost so much, when it is cold out i cant ride a bike and i dont want to walk because i have a blown out knee which only effects me during cold days
  407. Not transporation, but the parking things are ridiculous because for those people who buy an all day ticket for a spot and then go away, that leaves people who want to park there later in trouble because they can't buy that spot.
  408. Not up to UCSB. [I love]? all bike paths
  409. Nothing
  410. Nothing at all.  There is a great transportation system to UCSB be it by bus, car, etc.  I love riding my bike to class every day.  I look forward to it.  The Bike routes are convenient and parking racks are located directly next ot my classes.  However, I think by North Hall, we could use some more racks.
  411. nothing!
  412. Offer a continuous shuttle system that takes people where they need to go.  Westmont College has a shuttle that takes students to their desired destinations and returns to pick them up at an agreed time.
  413. on campus some of the bike roads are in poor shape.  when i'm on my bike i have to constantly stand up away from my bike seat b/c it's so bumpy.  if some construction can be done to fix these roads on campus that are regularly used that would be great.
  414. On question D4 you need an "other" option. I just like to ride a bike to work.
  415. One of the reasons I live on campus (this is my third year in the dorms) is because it's very convienient in terms of a [non-existant] commute. However, because I am limited to my bike, walking, and the bus, I am not familar with large portions of Santa Barbara where the bus does not go.
  416. One time when I was thinking of using the bus I did not know the bus' schedule.  In addition I feel that it is too difficult to drive to school and park.
  417. Open the bus access point down by the Manzanita and San Rafael dorms. 
  418. Open the Sabado Tarde gate!  Even if it was just open at night it would be helpful.
  419. Oppose further construction in Goleta and Santa Barbara Develop light rail from outlying towns. Raise cost of parking. Reduce number of parking spaces. Remove parking and roads in the interior of campus. 
  420. Parking at ucsb is the worst imagineable.  I have recieved dozens of tickets for parking in areas which I thought were acceptable to park in.  The parking system is confusing, costly, and absolutely cruel to the freshmen living on campus.
  421. parking fees are ridiculous!!!!
  422. Parking is a huge problem, they might work on making the rules clearer, and having more parking and also making it less expensive.  And when people live in the dorms they should take into consideration that when family members, especially parents (who are footing the tuition and housing bill) come to visit they need a place to park and during the week that is not available.
  423. Parking is incredibly expensive and inconvenient.  I might have a chance at having a car at school and being able to travel more, go home, et cetera (I live 7 hours away from UCSB) but I cannot afford parking.  The parking lottery is unpredictable and so, I could end up getting a parking lot assignment that is very far away from where I need to come from or go.  It is very unsatisfactory and very expensive.
  424. parking is much too expensive considering there is very little of it, where is the money going?
  425. Parking is soooooooo expensive, it's not fair, the system is messed up! they charge us parking fees with registration and then hike up prices for permits, then they ticket you the only time you have to drive to campus for a 15min drop off. it's ridiculous and parking is the worst problem on our campus for students living far from campus.
  426. parking is SUPER expensive. no one is really willing to park on campus and while we would need a parking permit to park in Isla Vista, where can we easily leave our cars?
  427. parking is the only huge problem i see. parking in IV is horrendous.
  428. Parking on rainy days should be differently treated.
  429. parking permits path through broida
  430. Parking Services is a joke.  It is rediculous trying to find parking on a busy day, and the costs are unbelievable.  If you use a meter, expect to get a ticket if you are 1 second over the time.  Those guys are hawks.  Half of the lots on UCSB seem to only cater to special permits anyway.  All of the parking on campus could use a major overhaul.
  431. parking shouldn't cost so much!!! 
  432. Pave the streets better, and more accessibilty for cars to park.  There are plenty of open parking spots, that aren't being used.  More signs and clearly marked road lines could help.
  433. People should stop driving cars. If I were to run for mayor or city council member of Santa Barbara, I would propose a tax of about $40,000/yr for car owners in the city and use the money collected to develop an elaborate public transportation system with streetcars, subways, and buses.
  434. People walking their dogs interfere with the flow of bikes on the coast bike path east of campus.  Off leash dogs on the path are unpredictable obstacles, and on leash dogs often stretch the leas hright across the path, which is quite dangerous.  The University should lean on the county to ban dogs from the coast bike path.
  435. Perhaps it could decrease the cost of on-campus parking so that students do not park in Isla Vista.
  436. Please note my email -  I would like information in taking the train.  I have the schedule and it would work for me if I can get to campus from the train station.
  437. Promote bike riding and the bus system. Work with MTD to convienience students -the money put into this could be a worthy investment. Also promote car-pooling. Offer incentive for car-pooling, or maybe create a system where fellow students and staff (strangers) can meet each other and work out carpooling arrangements.
  438. Provide better bus route/schedule information or at least good links to them.
  439. Provide contiguous bike paths all over campus (like along Broida).  Improve and increase bus schedules, and make bus drivers more polite (they are mean). 
  440. Provide lockable bike storage on campus.  Provide shower facilities and clothing lockers in most buildings so that those biking long distances (or at speed) have access to shower and changing facilities close to their offices.
  441. Provide more bike-friendly routes in Isla Vista. IF UCSB were connected to the IV community better, commuting would be much easier for the many that live in IV and have to get to campus within a short amount of time (*unflexible time restraint).
  442. Provide more incentives for staff/faculty/students living off campus to find alternative means. I know a cook at Carrillo who bikes and gets a few passes for bad weather days, but says he would also like some dividend for biking to work so many days.
  443. provide more parking closer to the library/heart of campus instead of around the perimeter of the campus
  444. Public transportation system is pretty bad. Routes are confusing and not efficient enough. I live near campus so getting there is not a problem, but it's a major pain if I want to go anywhere off-campus. Much more could be done, such as implementing an online planning system for public transportation that would efficiently constuct the best route from a given starting point to a given destination.
  445. Put a bike rack by EVERY major building on campus (where there isn't already one).  Charge less for on-campus parking permits for those who live outside of IV.  Make more available parking for students who drive so they don't have to search forever for a spot.  
  446. put a sign and painted lines on ocean road where you have to cross (by the front of campus).
  447. put in a bike path from Broida to Engineering!
  448. Put in more bike racks and bike paths.
  449. Putting a bike path through the middle of campus to the Engineering buildings, and one through the arbor area
  450. Question 12 "I have access to an automobile and can afford to drive myself to UCSB (and pay parking fees)"  is a bit odd. For example, I have a car and could afford paying for parking but chose not to. What am I supposed to answer?
  451. Question D3 does not have an option that reflects my reasons for not using the bus.  I don't take the bus to campus because I live only a block off campus.
  452. re-do some parts of the bike path, specifically infront of the visitors center, by the rec center tunnel.  that bike path is EXTREMELY unsafe and bad.  also, make the bike path between engineering and the library quickly!!
  453. reduce parking costs. If parking was cheaper i would drive instead of bike. You can also start the free night parking earlier.
  454. Reduce permit costs. Get your revenue from someone else. Oil prices ate our free cash.
  455. Reducing the price of parking on campus
  456. Regular bus schedules
  457. Regulate Bike Path laws, definitely lower parking fees and permits.
  458. Repair bike main bike paths; especially the bike path that goes from Pardall to the Ucen, and then to the library.  It would be nice to have more bike racks is specific places, because the racks near the arbor and Cambell hall are always full.  The bus stop is too far from the engineering buildings, so it would take too long to use.
  459. re-pave some of the bike paths-- some of them are pretty rough and hard on your backside when you are riding to class quickly. Also, a cut through by HSSB's back lot (the one that runs alongside the thunderdome past the bus stop) to the main bike path on campus... would be so much more convenient.
  460. Replace all the old bike racks with the new ones used by Embarcadero Hall
  461. Request that MTD provide more bike racks on their express bus routes to UCSB and/or allow riders to bring their bikes on the bus when the racks are full; to my knowledge those buses that do have racks only accommodate up to 2 or 3 bikes and MTD does not allow riders to bring bikes inside the buses. I realize there are lockers at various bus stop locations, however, on most days I would need my bike on campus w/me for traveling to/from mtgs. on campus, riding home when I have to work late past convenient bus route hours, etc. The ability for me to bike to a bus stop somewhere in downtown SB and take my bike w/me to work would definitely increase the attractiveness of alternative transportation for me, and I'm sure many others as I'm on a local bike listserv and see very frequent complaints in this regard.
  462. Right now I only occasionally bike to work because of child pick-up requirements.
  463. rovide more bike racks.
  464. safer and smoother sidewalks to skateboard and walk on... it's very uneven and dangerous, even when walking it is very easy to trip
  465. secured bike storage might help
  466. Shuttle service at every major intersect every 20 minutes (7:00, 7:20, 7:40, etc)
  467. Since I live so close to campus, the only transportation issues that effect me are those that have to deal with bikes.  I would assume that almost everyone in IV who is a UCSB would agree with me, because they all ride bikes to campus as well.  But, overall I dont really have any suggestions about the bike situation.  Maybe more racks in front of cambell hall could be installed because it is often too crowded to find a free space,
  468. Since I prefer my bike above all else, perhaps investing more money into the bike routes would be helpfull.
  469. Skateboarders are starting to take over the foot traffic areas on campus and are somewhat reckless.  I think that they should have rules to abide by like bikers.  Also, parking sucks.
  470. slighty wider bike lanes so that a slow person on a beach cruiser can't block the whole lane, forcing potentially unsafe passing. Prohibit very large handlebars (similar to ban on "monkey bars" for motorcycles"
  471. Slowly build critical mass to make Car share an alternative with undergraduates insured. Also, need direct connect to Trader Joes bring MTD Line 8 to UCSB and Isla Vista. Stop wasting money on parking structures. They only hurt alternative modes and allow private cars to dominate. We need to have a fundamental shift. UCSB and Isla Vista are prime for it with more student, staff and faculty housing close by to support alternatives which allow more community building and better quality of life.
  472. Smaller buses, more frequent times. More bike paths, safter intersections.
  473. Smaller parking fees, more flexible bus schedules, housing closer to UCSB, more bike paths
  474. smooth out all bumps on the bike path!!
  475. some kind of shuttle system or a more effective bus system that does not drop you off at the bus stop. it is a random spot on campus that is far away from so many things that you might as well walk. also, when it rains it is impossible to find parkign anywhere, buses are full and late, and everyone usually gets sick from trying to walk or ride bikes.
  476. Some of the bike paths are really rough, pave those rough spots.
  477. Some of the questions don't take into account that people who live in Isla Vista can't get on-campus parking permits, so they can't regularly drive to campus unless they want to pay $2 an hour every time. Also, one good reason  for not taking the bus (the only one really applicable for me and most people I know)is that biking or walking is a much, much more direct way to get to class.
  478. Some of these questions didn't really apply to me since I live in the UCSB dorms. I ride my bike to class and to my job in Isla Vista, and I park my car in the B2 parking lot and drive it to my other job by the airport. I have to wake up every morning at 730 am to buy a parking pass to park there, and its frustrating.
  479. Somehow make parking cheaper. The cost is pretty ridiculous, especially if you only need to part rarely, like when going to the library late at night.
  480. somehow subsidize bus riding for faculty and staff ???
  481. Sometimes i need to drive to campus, and having more availble parking would definately help
  482. Space is very limited on this campus.  Perhaps a large parking lot located off campus but nearby would be helpful with shuttles constantly running from the off campus parking lot to campus.  I think that transportation on campus also needs improvement; the bike baths need to be extended wider.  Right now the paths are too narrow making biking conditions slower and more hazardous!
  483. Stop charging for parking 24/7.  The goal of a parking system is to provide safe and reliable parking instead of ripping students and employees off. 
  484. stop expanding.  there is simply no more room.  overflow parking in isla vista is already a problem that may lead its residents to be required to pay for parking in their own city.  the only other option is to expand overflow parking in other areas (ex, west campus) and have a shuttle system.  such arrangements are inconvienient and must be cheap if they are to be attractive.  this still does not sove the problem of expansion, but only delays it.  the geographic local of UCSB does not lend itself to unlimited expansion. stop
  485. Take care of the parking situation without costing students and other residents unreasonable amounts
  486. take out the plastic bumps near the bike paths that mess up skatboarders.
  487. Taking the bus would be more attractive if staff could get a free pass like the students get.
  488. Teach undergrads how to ride bikes safely (i.e., not talking on cell phones while riding, not riding through red lights, etc.) Make a bike path on UCen road immediately!
  489. The amount pf stops on campus are not convenient for students.  Campus is very large and the one stop (bus loop)isnt  always to the advantage of the students especially the Isla Vista students.  A stop near Campbell hall or on the loop would be great.  maybe even one near the library.  This would make it a lot easier and convenient on the students.  Many times the reason for not taking the bus is because it would take longer to take it rather than walking considering where you would be dropped off.  I would love to see more stops around campus.  Maybe even shuttles!
  490. The bike lanes around campus are generally very good. But, the route I take in (along the coastal Bike route past Goleta beach park to Nable Hall) comes to an end before I actually reach my department. This means that I, plus many other people, end up cycling on the sidewalk for a short section. There does seem to be room for a dedicated cycle lane to continue through this section of the campus. Also, I think the crossing from the cycle path over the road and into the campus proper is quite dangerous. Traffic does not always travel at 25 mph along here and the visibility to the left for people crossing that road on the way out of campus is poor. Perhaps a speed bump or two either side of this intersection (as have been used on other parts of the campus road network) would help matters here.
  491. The bike pathes around here are quite good, why doesn't everyone bike to school?
  492. The bike paths get VERY congested with inconsiderate bikers.  I don't know how much it would help, but it might help if there was some kind of education program or enforcement of safe biking practices.
  493. The bike paths ignore buildings such as Buchanan, North Hall, Ellison Hall, and many other buildings that I commonly use, but have to park my bike very far away.
  494. The bike paths on campus have become fragmented and non-usable.  A bike path that serves the needs of students going to IV and everyone heading East to SB needs to be part of the building goals of UCSB.  The removal of through campus bike paths, and then police patrols of riding on the sidewalk is simply not acceptable.  The campus took out the Broida bike path corridor years ago, they should pay to put it back.  The master plans of the new Bren school shows a bike path running along the road in front of the building.  Where is it?  The administration of this campus claims they are doing all they can to encourage alternative forms of transportation, but in terms of biking, their actions do not match their words.
  495. The bike route stops near the Physics building and this is an inconvenience to me if I have to get to Buchanan or Gervetz. Also, there are some intersections that are kind of dangerous, like near the library and at the turn arounds near Storke Tower and Snidecor. And passing behind thunder dome it is a bumby ride and the bike path should be leveled off there.
  496. The bike route stops near the Physics building and this is an inconvenience to me if I have to get to Buchanan or Gervetz. Also, there are some intersections that are kind of dangerous, like near the library and at the turn arounds near Storke Tower and Snidecor. And passing behind thunder dome it is a bumby ride and the bike path should be leveled off there.
  497. The bus schedule is very confusing and i can never catch a bus when i need one.
  498. The bus service is reasonably good, but the frequency is much to low to be a real alternative.
  499. the bus should run later, and more frequently. i work nights.
  500. The bus system could really be made better, but they frequently cut back routes and times. Also, the last buses of the day are not late enough, and I frequently stay late on campus.
  501. The bus system is inconvenient.  It only serves to take undergrads to state street, not the more vital places in santa baraba like the train station.  It also takes FAR too long.  Even the 24x, devoted to an express transport to state street takes too long and has too many stops. 
  502. The Bus system should have more routes (in some cases making what is now one route into two routes), more frequency and more bike racks. What also needs to be considered is when class times begin.
  503. The major issue this year is the lack of reliability of the MTD bus system.  Often busses are over 15 minutes off schedule or late, or don't show up.  The busses used to be right on time most times, but since the new schedules last summer and the elimination of the 9 to FT, it is a poor choice for getting to work or school on time, which is very important.
  504. the motion to charge anyone with a car a large fee to park in Isla Vista should not be passed
  505. The number of parking spaces on campus needs to be increased.  While I prefer to bike to work, some days I have to drive because I need to go somewhere outside of biking distance during or after work, or the weather is not conducive to bicycling.  It's absurd to have so much trouble finding parking within a 10 minute walk of my office (in the center of the campus) on those occasions.  New building construction should be required to include parking, such as underground or above ground parking structures.  The public transit systems in Santa Barbara are woefully inadequate.  For example, I tend to drive the 1.5 miles from my apartment to the airport because I would have to transfer at least once to get there.  Santa Barbara would benefit greatly from a light rail connection linking UCSB to the Metrolink in Oxnard as well.  While this is a major capital project, the long-term benefits would be tremendous.
  506. The only good thing about living in Isla Vista is that you can walk to campus!  I will be living in Goleta next year and taking the bus.  Both are very convenient modes of transportation.
  507. The Parking on campus is absolutely ludacris, too many tickets handed out and too much money to park.
  508. The proposed extension of the campus bike path is an excellent idea.
  509. The reason I don't drive to school is because it would be impratical considering that I live in IV and biking is just better. I don't live far away therefore I really don't need to use my car or take the bus. This option was not offered in the questioning and considering how many students live in IV I think it should be. I don't think any student who lives in IV would need to drive to school. 
  510. The reason why I don't use the bus system to get to UCSB is because I live right next to campus.  I would seriously have to be the lasiest person in the world to take the bus from here. 
  511. The University desparately needs a bikepath between Broida and the Engineering/Chemistry buildings.
  512. There are a number of "globe" lights on the bikepaths on campus that haven't been working for ages.  These need to be fixed or replaced to offer better safety while commuting by bicycle early in the morning, or late at night.
  513. There aren't enough loading zones or temporary parking around buildings for when you just need to drop something off from a car.  For instance - I often have to load or unload my car from my lab in Noble Hall, but there is no temporary parking or loading zone in front of the building (lot 7).  The loading dock in the back of the building is really inconvenient as it requires a long walk and lots of locked doors (difficult when you're carrying an armload of equipment).
  514. There need to be more bike racks and those areas need to be well lit at night. Also, the bike path lighting system needs to be maintained (especially in areas like Stork field bike path because it gets very dark).
  515. There needs to be a bike path that connects from near Webb and Broida Hall to the Chemistry Building.
  516. There needs to me more bike paths all over campus because everyone loves to bike!   I think there should be more buses that go down town on Thursday nights and the weekends.
  517. there should be a requirement that a person lives more than a mile away to be able to park on campus. Also, a parking structure away from campus with a bus every 20 minutes might be a good option.
  518. There should be another bike path going from Broida to Engineering. It is a pain to be in a rush and have to stop, get off your bike, and walk, or risk getting a ticket from  CSO.
  519. There's no reasonable bike route from the East gate into the middle of campus.  Everybody is forced to ride on the sidewalk, which is illegal.  The so-called "Broida expressway" will help, but then, I've been waiting 7 years for this to happen, so I'm not holding my breath.
  520. This doesn't have anything to do with improving transportation... but for most of the questions in this section I could not find a suitable answer to the questions so I was forced to answer differently.  I live so close to campus that it would be ridiculous to take the bus. 
  521. This is not meant for people who live on campus...
  522. This might not be under your control, but the proposal of parking permits and meters in Isla Vista is excessive, unnecessary, and unfair to students who already pay extreme fees, tuition, housing costs, and campus/downtown parking costs.  It is horribly unfair.
  523. This survey doesn't seem to apply to me. I bike to campus because I live a couple feet away from campus- I don't really use the bike to get TO campus, I just use it to get AROUND campus, and obviously cars and buses won't help with that. None of the reasons you list for not driving and not taking the bus describe the situation. Last year when I lived in FT, I took the bus to campus whenever it rained (along with everyone else in FT, which made the wait time HORRIBLE since I would frequently have to wait for the second bus that arrived before there would be room for me) but other than that I still just rode my bike.
  524. this survey is not presented in a clear and practicle manner.  many of the question have zero relivance to the method which i choose to get to class
  525. this survey isn't as complete as it could be.  The reason i don't drive a car is mainly because i have no reason to.  if i am that lazy that i would need to drive a car 3 blocks away, i really shouldn't be going to college in the first place.  or what if it's something more, bad scheduling or something else.  And also for the schedule, how do you really know what my schedule is like.  what if i drive to one class, walk home in the middle  of the day, ride my bike  back for a late night class and drive back home again?  or during midterms or finals, i might be skipping classes or driving to classes if i have projects i need to carry?  for transportation, i would say do things that would encourage better and safer driving.  have more carpool spots open.  redesign the parking lots better so you can have more spaces.  if it's possible, set up more parking lots or allow parking to be easier for students. 
  526. Those of us who bike should be able to purchase a night/weekend parking permit with the *same privledges* as if we bought a regular permit (i.e., A parking for faculty).  We should also be able to pay for A parking (assuming we qualify) by the day.
  527. Thoughtful use of space on campus must be used. If parking is to be removed to make room for a new building, build a parking garage into it. Also, as someone who works in the housing office and has to watch my co-workers fight for parking daily, I recommend allowing a person with a A/S permit to park in the 30 minute zones for 2 hours. This allows them temporary relief from parking woes w/o having to constantly leave their job to play "parking hunter" every half hour. I know that RDs and ARDs can get 3 hr permits for 30 minute zones, so why not extend the same courtesy to our other full time staffers?
  528. To campus is probably not the issue, it is that once people are on campus there is little parking. The new parking structure by the new engineering building is going to block that beautiful new building! Our campus is looking like other UC's: a mess of parking lots. A 'Broida Expressway' bikepath needs to be built as well, and the potholes removed during the summer from existing paths. Also, a bullet train from LA-Santa Barbara-San Luis-San Jose-San Francisco would be great!
  529. too many bikes on campus. the paths and bike racks are far too crowded
  530. Transportation to campus is convenient for me living in I.V.  However, I think that the school needs to have more on-campus parking for nights and weekends when students need to go to the library to find a quiet place to concentrate which is not offered in I.V. All the new buildings are removing many parking lots and it is a big hassle to go to campus to study.
  531. trips from downtown to campus that go later into the night.
  532. two or three more bike paths that cut through campus!  Easier access to Bren Hall!!
  533. UCSB can work with MTD to offer bus service in the evening because a lot of students go to night classes.  Also, maybe you can have better lighting at the bus stop in the night time.
  534. UCSB could put in a bike path through the center of campus that leads straight through to the engineering buildings
  535. UCSB doesn't always seem to encourage biking if you consider that bike paths and parking area are constantly rerouted/reduced/closed.  Having just one path along the perimiter of campus puts an awful lot of bike traffic in one place during class changing time. The demise of the paths near Bren school and Broida gives me the impression that UCSB considers bike paths an inconvenience that should be done away with.
  536. UCSB needs more bike routes.  Also, the bike route to Campbell takes as much, if not longer, time as walking.  Every time I bike right after a class, it is so congested that sometimes, my friends who are walking beat me to the designated destination. 
  537. ucsb should not require permits to be displayed during nights and weekends. a trip to the permit machine and then back to the car and then to where you are going takes a very long time.
  538. Use shuttle points for IV and the campus, just those specific points and make them frequent, as in 10 minutes or so.
  539. vote against the IV parking pass movement! I depend on my car for work-only so I can afford to go to school/live in IV. I ride my bike to school and only use the car for work or errands. 
  540. Walking is great!
  541. We could use more bike racks near HSSB.
  542. Well, I think that if the buses came more frequently and had bus schedules inside the bus, I think I would probably take it more often. Also, I would feel a lot more comfortable taking it if the bus signs were not so damn cofusing and acutally told me what bus I need to take to get to a certain place.
  543. Well? Stop doing surveys and actually do something constructive like lower parking fees on campus, give up the idea of raping Isla Vista residents for a laughably exhorbitant $125 fee to fight for the same non-existant parking places, complete the Broida Bike Expressway at university expense and stop profiteering the situation by giving huge tickets there to "guilty commuters". Hang on lemme catch my breath. How about employing some of the same funds and energy that go toward avenging underage drinking in IV and address the bicycle theft problem. You can't ride your bike to work if it's stolen, the CSO tickets your parked bike because there isn't any bike parking available or it's partially full of disassembled and abandoned bikes. Did I mention the bike paths are incomplete, inadequate, underfunded, neglected, and dangerous by design.  Shall I go on? It isn't pretty. Is it?  How about: For for staff to participate in The Transportation Alternatives Program we now have to sign off on $100 worth of a gizmo and card which if lost/stolen we will be billed for. This replaced the free card system which the university no longer hires human beings to check at the gate. I presume they hired more parking enforcement officers to reflect their insatiable appetite to fleece students, lower ranking staff and lower ranking faculty and lecturers.  Lots of laughs. The university and the IV foot patrol always advise securely locking your bike to an solid object. Look at the bike racks the university supplies and
  544. When I lived nearer the bus stop, I took that instead of biking on days when I didn't feel well or when it was raining. Now that I live probably 10 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop (not exactly sure) I tend to drive alone if I don't feel well or if it's raining. Generally, though, I just prefer to bike. It gets me going in the morning.
  545. When I was living further away from ucsb i did not take the bus because the route was vey inconvenient, for further travel perahps there could be stations one could drive to, park and take a direct bus.
  546. Why is UCSB SO worried about raising the rates for parking? Driving is a #$%&ing privilage, not a right. Just like gasoline prices, everyone complains that the costs are too high, but they still get in their damn cars and drive short distances. I have absolutely no sympathy for these people. I occasionally drive my car to UCSB and when I pay for parking, it's an inconvenience, but it WAS my choice. I agree that our public transportation is not nearly as well developed as it is in Europe and Asia, but is it purely a coincidence that Americans are so fat and lazy? We're in the middle of a HUGE budget crisis, the UC has raised the price of tuition once again and now transportation is worried about raising parking fees?! This just seems completely rediculous to me. Raise the fees until there's a marked decline in single-occupancy drivers. Then you'll know the price at which drivers are willing to pay to drive to campus. If anyone complains...IGNORE them.  They're only concerned about themselves anyway.
  547. wider bike paths because inbetween classes is almost worse than rush hour
  548. work on getting more stop lights on el colegio road.
  549. Work out a deal with a DSL or cable modem company to lower the cost of internet access, making telecommuting more affordable. Pay Staff members more money so  they can afford a house near the campus. Build housing on top of existing buildings on campus and rent them to faculty and staff, eliminating the need for  them to commute.
  550. Work to improve bike paths both on and off campus. Also, bike lanes on the side of roads are lost to parking, police don't enforce the "no parking" in bike lanes during communting hours. Offer a permit that allows a person to park less than full time per month for people who want to commute by bicycle, but need a car for some days.
  551. work with community to improve bike lanes. maybe have a shuttle for people who live locally.
  552. Work with MTD so  people who live on Cathedral Oaks  dont have to spent 40 minutes on the bus trip each way that by the car is only 3 miles long!
  553. yay for bikes! :)
  554. You need more parking available but I know that is a difficult thing for most college campuses. 
  555. you should give bigger rewards to those that do not go by car

D—Expansions (Walkers and Bikers)

  1. ANYTHING BUT THE BUS--I had to take the bus most of my freshman year because my bike got stolen and the bus never came on time or didn't come and I was always late. Then it would make 10 stops before getting to campus. I'm never taking the bus again in Santa Barbara or Isla Vista.
  2. bike, and i love it, would rather not walk, drive or skate
  3. Bikes, bikes, bikes!!!!
  4. By "other", I meant walking to/from more convenient bus stops on days when I might not drive or bike;  in this regard, adding more frequent MTD bus routes from campus in the evenings would make this mode of transportation more appealing to me. I frequently work late in the evenings (sometimes unexpectedly/unplanned) and by the time I leave campus there are very few bus lines running, if at all, from UCSB.
  5. Car-share is an innovative transportation technology where users can reserve a car for use (online or by telephone) and pay only for the time and distance that the car is driven. Car-share reduces demand for parking and increases use of public transportation.
  6. Combination of driving part of the way and then biking the rest.
  7. Depending where my class is on campus, I either walk or skateboard.  If the class is across campus (e.g. Cambell Hall or Chem 1179) then I skate to save time.  If my class is close by I will walk.
  8. Gas/ Electric motor bike
  9. I answered "Other" as you did not provide a "no" option :)
  10. I bike and walk because sometimes I miss the bus.  It really sucks on rainy days because sometimes i feel stranded
  11. I do not need any other mode of transportation
  12. I have a motorcycle that I use for travel between the campus and my apartment if I am in a hurry or I have a lot of books. Otherwise I skateboard to class.
  13. I have been commuting to work on my bike for 15 years.
  14. I know how to skateboard, and enjoy it, but I haven't bought one because I'm intimidated to use it on campus.  But it is so nice because it's way faster than walking.
  15. I like biking. I'm Not considering another mode. I live close enough to campus it takes me 2 seconds to bike there.
  16. I live close enough to campus to bike or walk every day.
  17. i plan to switch to skateboarding becuase i will be living closer to campus makign it easier for me to not need to to bike
  18. I ride a skateboard with 70mm wheels, that is about 32" long.  It is pretty fast, and I dont need to worry about the bumps in the road, or the bumps across the bike paths.
  19. I skate to school
  20. i skateboard
  21. i skateboard
  22. i skateboard cuz i'm not charged and i don't have to worry about all the stupid people that don't know how to ride a bike.
  23. I skateboard to and from class everyday
  24. I skateboard to campus every day, it is very much superior to bikes and walking, and driving to campus is ridiculous. 
  25. I skateboard to class everyday. It's fast, convenient (I can take my board all the way to the classroom), and it is great exercise. Skating to class is often one of the best parts of my day.
  26. I skateboard with a long board, it is almost as fast as a bike and quicker because i dont have to lock it up, rather i can skate up to the door of my class and store it inside
  27. i skateboard. it is really fun.
  28. I use a skateboard more than bike, because it is harder to find bikelocks.
  29. I use a skateboard, that way I dont need to lock up my method of transportation so it takes less time.
  30. i use a skateboard. easier because its just as fast as a bike. plus, u dont have to deal with crowded bike paths and bike racks.
  31. I use a skateboard. Very handy. I live too close to campus to use the bus.
  32. I use the train from time to time.  There is no direct liason between UCSB and the train station and makes life worse for all.
  34. i usually ride a skateboard to class on sidewalks. it is as fast as a bike and i can take it into class w/ me becasue it is small; another main reason is because it is environmentally friendly.
  35. I would like you to email me about how I might take the train.  I can park in Camarillo, leave my car all day, drive home at night.  But how to get to campus?  And can UCSB subsidize the train?  CSUN does this for my husband and provides a shuttle from the train station to campus.  Thank you.
  36. Im moving from an office to a lab space which I will share with others, which might  make it easier to justify the expense of a computer at home and a cable internet connection which would make telecommuting feasible. I would have to pay for the internet connection I believe.
  37. It often floods some parts of campus in winter.  Rowing a boat to class is common sense.
  38. Listen, i'm participating in this survey as a student and honestly, the best and most popular mode of transportation is riding ones bike. there is nothing in this survey that leads me to believe it is catered toward receiving a students opinion. therefore, if the population that you are truly focusing on is faculty, don't waste my time. Bikes are used often, they can be used more, however, i don't personally know anyone who doesn't have one. You can't ask in a survey where someone admits they ride their bike if the are considering switching to biking as a way to get to campus. Good luck...
  39. My husband and I roller blade along the sidewalk and bike paths from the Ellwood area to campus 3-4 days/week.  We drive in on wednesdays because we have fencing practice and bring all of our equipment.  If you like, double the weight of my response to count for him, his answers are the same is mine.
  40. n/a
  41. Q. D3 is an awkward question, because I would say that I tend TO use the bus when there is rain or bad weather. Your question assumes that I'm tending NOT to use the bus.
  42. riding on the handlebars- it should not be illegal
  43. See D8.
  44. skateboard
  45. skateboard
  46. skateboard
  47. skateboard
  48. skateboard
  49. skateboard
  50. Skateboarding
  51. Skateboarding is the best way to go because you don't have to stay on the bike paths so you can cut around campus more quickly. In addition, you don't have to worry about your bike getting stolen or spending the time to find a spot and locking up your bike because you can take your board into class with you. Lastly, skateboards require very little matinence if any.
  52. Skateboarding is the easiest form of transportaion because I can skate from my door to the door of my class all within minutes and it is fun too.
  54. Skateboarding, although takes longer than biking, it is quicker than walking ...
  55. skateboarding, the best there is.  You don't have to worry about indirect bike paths, locking your bike, and then the walk from the bike path to class.  It is all around faster and more conveinent than biking.
  56. the campus lends itself to skatebaords pretty well, except for some unsmooth roads and stairs, its almost perfect, and cheap to do.
  57. UCSB van pool
  58. UCSB van pool
  59. UCSB Van Pool service.  This will end as we know it since 14-15 pasenger vans will not be continued under State mandate, so we must find another mode soon.
  60. UCSB Vanpool program

E—Comments (Solo Drivers)

  1.  I would love to see a commuter train that went very close to UCSB. I commute from Oak Park, and if I wanted to take the train I would have to drive to the station, take the train to Santa Barbara, and then take several buses to the campus.
  2. A more user-friendly van-pool system throughout Santa Barbara and Goleta residential areas would be more useful than the city bus.
  3. A shuttle from lots would be cool, but Some students need a car, so why not just build structures on the existing lots?  
  4. ability to buy day parking passes the night before so that i do not have to wake up at 7 in the morning to buy it
  5. Add more parking structurs
  6. Add more parking, add a direct bus from the amtrak station to campus
  7. add parking structures
  8. Adding shuttle service to downtown goleta and elwood with frequent runs everyday and a limited number of stops could be a good improvement.
  9. Adequate motorcycle parking near Engineering would be nice.  Even before construction deleted it, what was provided was hopelessly inadequate.  I took to driving my truck all the time.
  10. advertise in the nexus the bus schedule everyday
  11. allow for more flexiblity in just about bus, cars, etc
  12. allow more parking for students.. most spots you need s or a permits, and other spots you can't park until 5 which isn't convenient during the school day..we don't all have enough money to pay so much for parking
  13. Allow people to take good and expensive bikes into offices/buildings, instead of having to leave them in bikeracks.
  14. Allow students living in IV to purchase a permit if they're willing to pay. Raise the price if you have to, but it is not always safe to walk or bike alone at night. Driving helps women in IV feel safe.
  15. Alot of kids commute from 70-100 miles away so with traffic our time is really limited to get to a parking lot and get to class, if there was a way to get through the entrances faster it would help alot
  16. An inexpensive off-campus parking lot w/shuttle sounds promising.  It would be helpful if the shuttle ran until 9 pm, but not necessary.
  17. an underground subway! ...building more parking structures, but taller and with a greater amount of underground parking spots then the one we already have, would be a very productive way of dealing with the parking problem.
  18. As a staff member, question E9 does not refer to my parking fees but I tried to answer as best I could.  Thanks and good luck w/your survey. 
  19. As much as I would like to ride my bike more or take the bus, I have to pick up my child from school and usually have to take her to some kind of lesson immediately.  Our scheduling is very tight.  In a few years when she's in high school I'll be able to look at other options.
  20. As noted in part B, if there were an express bus that served the Upper Eastside, San Roque area, one that would have a later boarding time and a shorter travelling time, I would seriously consider taking it.  Can UCSB use its clout to make this happen?
  21. At this point the transportation is not an issue but parking on campus is.50% of the people I work with arrive to work prior to 7:00 A.M. and Since September I feel the nights and weekends fee that was supposed to deter students from parking on campus has failed.Whoever extended the A.M. hours for students to park on campus (7:30) should try parking in lots 4 & 5 before 7:15 in morning these lots have more cars in them than this time last year.
  22. Basically, I have too many other responsibilities outside of school to rely on busing..otherwise I would use it...I have children who have activities and appointments that I need to get them to at odd times...there needs to be adaquate parking and when new buildings are being considered to build, it cannot be at the expense of a current parking lot..that is not acceptable.  I already have lots of difficulties when looking for a parking spot..not usually in Lots 22 and 23...but alot of times I need to park near the rec center (Lot 16) I believe..However, it is usually filled..then I have to drive to Lot 22 and walk to the Engineering Building...that takes forever!!!  I don't think the problem is as much transportation as it is parking.
  23. Be more responsive and considerate of students.
  24. Because of where I live and the need for flexibility, a car is essential.  I think parking structures are the only adequate solution.
  25. Build more parking  structures. There is a large majority of students that live downtown and off campus and the bus situation is just rediculous to even think about taking from downtown. I know that the buses would be an even more inconvience for my friends and I than the parking already is. Build more parking structures or give the already marked parking spots to students instead of someone else. Or allow the "C" permit to park in more places.
  26. Build more parking garages, stop taking away big parking lots, create alternative parking spots while campus is under construction.
  27. Build more parking.   Don't sell so many permits.   Currently I have to drive around for 30 min on some days to find a space.  I can't take the bus b/c this would make my commute about 1 hour each way (since I'd have to bring my child to daycare first and then hop on 2 other buses to campus).  It would be really silly for me to have to commute 2 hours a day when I live a 10 minute drive away.  
  28. Build multi-storeyed parking lots on campus.
  29. Bus circle on East side of campus, the bus circle is way too far from Biology buildings.
  30. Car sharing or Segway sharing
  31. Consider lowering the fees.  I don't have a choice, I have to commute two hours one way, and it is a financial burden to pay the astronomical fees that are required.  Since the new parking meters, the situation is worse now than ever.  If a student has to leave, the fee is paid again, and the parking "hawks", are not only ruthless for giving out tickets for temporary parking, they are downright mean about it.  Why isn't there any temporary parking?  I don't understand the mentality over this issue at all!  
  33. Create more.  Possible create underground parking under the new structures that are being built
  34. Cut the cost of parking permits!
  35. decrease the parking permit fees
  36. Didn't they try the shuttle idea with that stupid tram that nobody rode?
  37. Discount parking permits for graduate students, either RAs or TAs, as our salaries have no allowance for that expense. I realize this will never happen :(
  38. DO NOT let the city get thier Grubby Little Hands on hwy 217!!!  At all costs!  I dont think you can effectivly do anything to improve transportation short of huge shifts in both public policy (i.e creation of light rail systems, better bus infrastructure, streamlining of 101 corridor) and public perception and convienence.  Once gas prices get too high, people will start either 1. switching to more fuel efficient cars, or 2. migrate to alternate transportation such as carpools or buses if available.  Make it so expensive to drive in alone and you will eventually force the lower income people into these solutions. 
  39. Dont charge so much for a parking permit. Have more parking spots available. DO NOT CHARGE FOR PARKING IN IV!!!!!!!!!!! Free parking at night and during certain times.
  40. Don't raise parking fees. Staff has not received a cost of living increase or merits. Parking  should be for free
  41. Driving is a privilage, so  is parking, so pay if you want that privilige
  42. driving is unavoidable. flexibility, heavy loads, frequent unexpected needs.  Parking is currently too expensive, which is why I park off campus and walk.
  43. Due to the distance of my drive (I live near LA and teach at SB), most other options aren't really options for me.  If there were some sort of means where I could take advantage of public transportation, I definitely would.  Thanks.
  44. E10 - I would switch to any kind of transport that would approximate or reduce my trip time, including walk time from the parking lot.
  45. E4 I ride my bike 4 days a week and drive Friday so I have the ablity to go out with friends after work. My bike ride home is 1 hour long so riding home first is not convenient.
  46. E9 and E10 were to happen I would find a new place to work.
  47. E9.I wouldn't pay for a parking permit.  I live close enough that parking on campus is not worth $100, so even though I have a car, I use it mainly for visiting/picking up friends in the evenings, or on the weekends. E10. I would switch if added 6-10 min. because to ride my bike takes 15, and if it added too much, the convience of having my car wouldn't be greater then the time lose
  48. encourage carpooling and the bus, and take away parking. :-)
  49. enforce permits more
  50. express bus from midtown (say at the State street overpass to 101) to UCSB; the 11 takes 55 minutes to go from my stop to UCSB.   In addition, I get carsick, and stopping and starting all the way through Goleta and half of Santa Barbara makes me feel sick by the time I reach my destination.
  51. express buses that leave often, with  parking next to bus stop, so people can drive and park at bus, then take the bus to UCSB- this would work best downtown and Goleta.
  52. Finding parking plus walking to and from the car takes about half an hour   and at lunch time it makes us practicaly the prisoners of the campus.  After lunch only valet parkings are available and makes me feel bad to park with valets and not to pay them at the end of the day.   Also the walk from lot 6 to Eng I involved either walking on dusty contruction site of the road or on the sandy walk path that you have bring an extra pair of shoes for change.
  53. Finish the parking complex near Engineering II and stop tearing down parking lots
  54. fix mesa road off of los carneros, need more lots for undergrads, it is outrageous what we pay for parking and still have trouble finding a spot and how far we have to walk to classes
  55. for faculty, driving and parking on campus are essential. We bring in a ton of stuff and have to make class schedules at fixed times and be flexible to make meetings at god knows what time.
  56. Free motorcycle parking seems to be an excellent idea.  I have never seen the motorcycle lots more crowded than now.
  57. get rid of all parking for anybody who lives anywhere near campus, or build some more parking structures.  those of us who MUST drive in (e.g. from Buellton) have no option, and it's not fair to rape us financially just to make us want to ride on the magical mystery tour bus, or ride a donkey, or whatever other liberal drivel you are trying to shove down our throats.  for some of us, even a vanpool is not an option...i have a long, frequently-changing schedule which rules out anything of that nature.  but seriously, if you built my helipad i'd stop driving to commute from the valley would be less than 5 minutes!
  58. Give incentives for carpooling or other forms of transportation (preferred parking spaces, coupons to be used at various vendors around campus, etc.). Increase frequency of buses to campus (i.e. every 15 minutes rather than every half hour so that if the bus runs late you can get on one 15 minutes earlier rather than a full half hour earlier and if one misses the bus it doesn't hurt them as much in terms of class time missed).
  59. Have a drawing every other year for reasonable priced parking permits. Keep the price
  60. Have an off campus lot that out of town/county commuters can use for half the price of a permit, then shuttle people to and from the lot. (similar to the long term airport parking)  Make the shuttle available from 5:30am to 9pm.
  61. Have more van pools running at different arrivl and departure times
  62. having a bus system starting in ventura county that ran all day would be great.  I has to be flexible though.  that's the reason i don't use vanpool.
  63. I almost always drive to IV and then walk to campus. It's a long walk, sometimes late at night, but I have no interest in paying to park.
  64. I am answering this portion hypothetically, because this is what I will consider doing next year.
  65. I am Disabled, as such I must park on campus as walking for any distance would make taking classes, etc IMPOSSIBLE.  The Parking permits must take this into account and make exceptions for the Disabled population.  The practice as it is now is a barrior to disabled students as the cost of a permit is VERY HIGH!!!
  66. I began having my husband drop me off because parking was impossible on campus and I refuse to give my key to a valet, ever. I don't use the vanpools because it is more expensive for me to ride than to have my husband and I both carpool together. My husband doesn't work on campus but he does work in Goleta, yet travelling together doesn't count as a carpool for UCSB parking purposes. I would use light rail in a heartbeat if it were available and ran often enough. UCSB needs to lower the vanpool rates, add more vans to its pool, and offer a reliable, safe, and frequent shuttle service from/to off-campus locations.
  67. I believe the quarterly parking permit is already too expensive for the quality/quantity of parking available.  If temporary TAP permits were to become unavailable, I would plan on working from home those days which I was not able to use alternative transportation.  I have been able to use the TAP permits to respond to off-hour emergencies.  In the event the TAP permits were not available, I would not be able to effectively respond to these type of emergencies.
  68. I bring my dog to work and I wouldn't have gotten a dog if I couldn't bring her to work. Most (all?) of the alternative travel options would prevent me from doing that. I grew up in NYC and lived on mass transit. From my home to UCSB by option other than carpool is just non-viable because of the geography.
  69. I certainly hope that parking doesn't increase.  Rates are ridiculously high enough as it is for students suffering from increasing tuition.
  70. I commute from Santa Maria so a lot of this is not applicable to me. I am forced to drive alone daily and I would carpool but I don't know of anyone else here that attends UCSB.
  71. i commute from the san fernando valley every monday, wednesday, and friday.  I do not plan to move closer, rather into santa monica/west LA area.  public transportation is to taxing and such a great distance, that it is not considered. 
  72. I currently work part time because I have small children.  I don't consider using another form of transportation because my childcare comes to my home and I want to minimize my time away from home and maximize that time at work.  Since my work schedule is flexible I could probably adjust it fit into a bus schedule if the time it took to make the commute was nearly the same, but from talking with neighbors the bus takes twice as long.  I would love to ride my bike but the distance takes me too long.
  73. I didnt know about valet parking.  Is that just for staff? 
  74. I dislike the valet parking on several accounts:  1. block you in and are less than helpful when asked to move 2. refused to let me park in an empty stall b/c he was "saving" it for someone -- last time i checked parking was first come, first serve!
  75. I do not see any problem. There is always enough parking, and never any traffic delays. 
  76. I don't drive very often, mostly when I need my car to drop off or pick up items from my office.  When I do drive, I split between using TAP permits to park on campus and parking at Goleta Beach or in IV.  I suspect that I would drive even less frequently if IV institutes parking permits (as suggested) and the police get more aggressive about Goleta Beach parking.  I would hope that if this does happen, it would encourage others to use the bus or bike more frequently as well.  I do think that for those who don't have public transit or bike options, there should be some form of satellite parking (e.g. at the airport long-term parking).  This is common at many other universities around the country and it seems silly to me that people spend as much time driving around, looking for a space, as they would to park easily at a satellite location and then take a shuttle up to campus.  Perhaps the University could set up an arrangement with the county to build a large parking structure at the site of the old drive-in which would be shared by the airport and the University.
  77. i don't just have a car just because it is more convenient for me in going to/from school and the flexibility it gives me in my schedule. I live in sacramento and with my parents running a business six days a week, in order to get home, the easiest, cheapest and most convenient option is to drive myself. if i were to try and use public transportation to get home it would take 9-10 hours vs. the 6 hours it takes for me to drive home. i also make frequent trips out of town to visit friends and family who are up to three hours away. if i could not bring a car it would make this impossible. i feel as though this aspect of why people bring cars to college is being completely ignored. it would be extremely inconvenient if i was not able to drive myself between home and campus and make it near impossible to go home on weekends.
  78. I don't ride my bike because of timing issues and distance, although I would love to, if I could make it work. It's yucky to have to change into office apparel when you're all hot and sweaty from riding 14 miles to work at a fast pace so as to arrive on time. In addition, one has to come up with two outfits for the day and figure out how to carry one without getting it too wrinkled. Then you need time to change when you get there. Spending all this extra time on clothing forces you to have to hurry on the ride, detracting from the enjoyment and resulting in more sweat by the time you get there. If the dress code was relaxed for people who bike to work, this would be a big incentive. When I've worked in postitions that allowed me to work in the clothes I put on for my bike ride, I've ridden such distances as from IV to Montecito and from the top of San Marco Pass to lower Milpas. I realize the drawbacks of this suggestion, but I believe others would be encouraged to ride if it meant they could dress down for work. If I could get up and put on one comfortable outfit for the day, I'd put up with all the other inconveniences just for the sake of this new comfort and freedom. I might even enjoy doing my job more. I could also use the money I save on dress clothes to buy a better bike, which would make me even more enthusiastic about leaving my car at home. Faculty members who ride bikes to work are allowed to teach and attend meetings in shorts. Why should administrative analysts be denied the same option? Easy access to bike lockers would also be an attractive incentive.
  79. I drive to campus on Fridays since I have breakfast with friends.    A high speed ferry from Ventura to the Goleta pier may be worth looking at, this might take care of the Southern problem.  A few more ucsb vanspool vehicles may be needed to northern cities (ie Lompoc, Santa Maria, Los Alimos etc).
  80. I drive to school too oftern, considering I live in IV. Next year I am moving down town and will definately be using the bus more often.  I would definately appreciate a more frequent bus schedule so that I may switch my predominant mode of transportation. I also like the shuttle idea.  What I don't think is productive would be to instill parking permits in IV (it's been rumored that this might happen). Thank you!
  81. I find parking on campus to be convenient.  The only complaint I would have is that there are obviously no parking lots on one side of the campus.  I took the bus my first quarter but found that for days I really needed my car, I was ending up paying almost as much in daily parking passes as I would for an entire quarter pass (even with TAP).  The main problem in taking the bus for me was that frequently there were not enough seats on the bus for all riders and my balance is not good enough to stand up on a moving bus.  Also, some days I could take just one bus all the way to my stop (at my previous apartment) and some days I had to take two.  I much prefer the convenience of having my car.  Is there any way you could build another tall structure like the Mesa Structure in coming years??
  82. I had a long term permit this past year (all 3 qtrs) but it ended up being in B4.  I never used it after my first month of having it but held on to it in case of an emergency.  Next year, I don't plan on getting one.  I may have to purchase an IV Parking Permit if they're still going to do that, however, as parking is not available where I live.
  83. I hate taking the bus no matter what, because if you miss your bus, there is not one available for another hour. Further, the bus gets you to school either, 15 minutes late or 45 minutes early. It is just a big f[] drag! If you want my opinion, the parking permits should cost less than what they do now, and not go up in price! I would rather walk to my car if I had to park off campus then wait for a shuttle that would take more than a half hour to arrive.
  84. I have just switched from driving alone to the vanpool.
  85. I have no choice but to drive. If parking permits went up drastically or parking were off-campus, I would be forced to withdraw from school. From my perspective, an improvement would be more (and more flexible) van pooling from the LA area. THE NEW PARKING STRUCTURE IS GREATLY NEEDED and will, hopefully, solve a lot of the parking issues.
  86. I haven't had a problem with transportation to campus...don't increase the permit price, it's high enough already. Some people need cars because of busy schedules and they shouldn't be punished with increased parking fees they will be pressured into buying cuz they have limited options.
  87. I hope there can be more C-parking lot on the east side of the campus (near the Engineering buildings)
  88. I leave campus at different time from day to day, without prediction.  But it's nearly always after 6pm.  So, that part of the survey may not mean much for me.   Bus route #25 runs every hour (x:20).  If there was maybe 1 additional run to UCSB in the morning (between 7:30 and 8:30) I would take the bus MUCH more often. For me 7:20am is too early and 8:20 is too late. Taking the bus does not take any longer than driving and parking for me.
  89. I like to drive my car to campus and will continue to do so because i do not like to be sweaty from riding my bike to class.
  90. I live 1.5 mi from the nearest bus stop down a 2 lane, hilly road with no shoulder to walk on at the sides. Then the bus is not direct but requires a transfer to get to UCSB.  Travel time is over one hour.  There is no legal parking at the bus stop area either. The best option I can think of is to have satellite parking with shuttles to campus.  They could operate ~ every 10 minutes from 7:00 - 9:00 AM, 11:30-1:30pm and 4:00 to 6:00pm and during the remainder of the day and evening on the half hour.   The parking fees now charged should cover the cost of the shuttle and relieve the congestion on campus. People could opt to park on campus for more money to continue to utilize the structures and accomodate unusual days. 
  91. I live 60 miles from campus (in Santa Paula). Additionally I work in Camarillo. Hence, it is of utmost importance that I have the freedom to drive to school then to work as soon as class is over. No other mode of transport would suffice in my case.
  92. I live in an area where buses do not have good schedules or routes (Montecito) and I would have to make 2 to 3 transfers.  There is also no van pool to Montecito.  If there was some commuter train I could pick up that would be nice but there is nothing like that.  I live too far to make bicycling a good commute occasionally.  I don't see any other options
  93. i live in lompoc and there is no public bus service to UCSB.  the clean air express is available but its departure and arrival times don't fit with my schedule at all.  I would prefer there be a late am bus and a later pm bus than currently exists.
  94. I live in Ojai and already spend too much time commuting. I will try to go to TTh classes from here on. I don't know what I would do if either price or time were increased by much. I might stop working and go to school full time to get finished more quickly.
  95. I live in VenturaCounty (Oxnard), and the only reasonable means of transportation is by car for me. I would like to see the metro rail extended to Goleta.
  96. I live off of Stork Rd. and used to bike to and from campus mostly during Fall and Spring quarters. During Winter, I've recently gotten parking permits. Due to health reasons and a significant change in what and how much I take to campus, I have been purchasing quarter permits all year this year. Suddenly, Spring quarter comes up and I am told that my address was not valid to buy a permit. When I tried to figure out what the deal was, I tried the phone numbers provided they just gave me the run around. I went to the office and the lady there bluntly said there was nothing she could do. She was cold and not welcome to listening to reason, nor did she offer any explanation for my situation. Now, not only did this sudden change in policy catch me by surprise, but my neighbors across the street had valid permits. I think there needs to be more parking spaces, of course, but it has to be assumed that there are parts of Isla Vista that cannot bike to school when it rains. Therefore, on rainy days it is near impossible to find parking. I understand more buildings are overtaking parking lots and funds are scarce, but I think it is a problem that should be placed as a priority. I also have gotten tickets while picking up equipment or dropping things off by the Film Studies office in Elison building. There definitely needs to be more than one loading spot, and after a certain hour we should be allowed to park in there. Due to the nature of our projects, we often are leaving campus after midnight and park right by Elison as a matter of convenience.
  97. I lived on campus last year and will so again next year so many of these questions were hard to evaluate, but either way, I would still drive and do not like public transportation, it is too inconvenient.
  98. I noticed that your survey did not specifically ask how many have children who attend a Goleta/SB school who live outside of the Goleta/SB district.  I think this is an area to explore and it is my reason for using my own car.  Also,  some of my thoughs for possible option to look into, if not already:  Direct bus transportation from Solvang (also areas such as Ventura, etc)  to Dos Pueblos (RT) for students who attend DP from outside the Goleta/SB district    A metro link or buses transportation availability from Santa Maria, Lompoc, Buellton, Carp, Ventura, Oxnard, etc to  Amtrak Station, then have UCSB shuttle pick up every 10-15 minutes.
  99. I occasionally drive for all the reasons listed above, but I have to say that I hate it! There is so much construction! Parking availability is terrible in the middle of the day, so I can't really leave at lunch anyway. Plus, I have gotten tons of door dings, scrapes, and dents in my car from parking on campus!  The bus is pretty convenient but I'm lucky and get to bike--that's cheaper than bussing it.
  100. I prefer to take the bus, provided that it runs every 15 minutes.  It takes me more than 1/2 hour to get to UCSB by bus, I don't mind the distance as much as I mind the delay in catching the bus.
  101. I rarely drive but it suits me to come in sometimes in the evening or at weekends or if I am leaving after work to go on a trip. So the Parking permit is already too expensive for me and I like to cycle.
  102. I relie heavily on the use of my own automobile because I am a mother who needs the use and flexibilty of immediate transportation to reach my child and assume the duties involved aside from being a student at UCSB.
  103. I suggest that incentive programs consider promoting small change rather than sweeping lifestyle changes. For example, the TAP program grants only a few car passes per quarter and that's not enough to make the program doable for many people. Approaching the problem from the opposite direction, if most folks left their cars at home just one day a week (or even every 2 weeks) it would make a noticeable difference overall, and be a more reasonable behavior change for most people. Instead most incentive programs have a real "all-or-nothing" attitude, which makes them less of an viable option.
  104. I take the bus when possible and drive only when necessary because of other obligations, so in answering E10 I assumed that it was necessary for me to drive.
  105. I think expanding parking spaces to the East side of campus would be the most important thing - with all the construction going on near the Engineering Sciences building, it is forcing me to park at the Mesa structure since the Campbell hall lot is always full after 9am. A structure near the East entrance would solve all my parking problems.
  106. I think if there were UCSB buses that only traveled between campus and I.V., Goleta, and Ellwood that ran on the every half hour from early until late that students had to only pay a small fee would work
  107. I think parking is already expensive but I don't know what else I could do.  I have as tight schedule and have to be at work several days directly after class, and those are generally the days when i will not carpool-because I don;t have enough time.
  108. I think Parking is bad.  I've spent a lot of time trying to park and waiting for an open spot in the lot.  Also, the parking lots closest to campus are not available for students, the ones who pay for the parking lots.  I have to park on the other side of campus, after paying over $300 out of my pocket, after paying too much to go to school, and walk 10 minutes to class.  If someone put a little time and effort into planning a suitable layout for parking, then it would be much appreciated by the students who don't live in Isla Vista.  I am pretty sure you know the maximum students allowed at UCSB, so make enough parking spots close to campus for this max. # of students, and build it.  Doesn't sound that complicated to me, especially after the price paid for tuition.  The reason for my bitterness is because I pay my own tuition and have worked throughout my college career.
  109. I think that having a shuttle from off-campus parking would be great if it keeps the price of parking down and allows for more public transportation.  We need more public transportation from outlying area like Ventura and Montecito.
  110. I think that the new parking lot near the sciences will be a great addition, because being a science major I have had to walk or bike across campus from the mesa structure for the past two years, so it is as if I pay for a permit but am still parking really far from my destination.
  111. I think that UCSB needs to put in another multi-level parking stucture instead of one of the regular lots on the other side of campus from the existing parking structure.
  112. I think with regards to only off campus parking that would be far ridiculous by all means. Its bad enough that a parking permit for a commuter costs so much when in fact the person may only be on campus two days a week. In my opinion the parking services seem to be getting very money greedy and as each year goes by they find more and more ways to add to their vast pool of cash, and yet they complain that funds are limited. Where does the line get drawn!
  113. I travel 85 miles here.  I would consider Amtrak if there was a campus shuttle.  I would love to use vanpool except that it leaves campus too early in the afternoon.
  114. I used to take the bus all the time.  But my route (15X) is ONLY available during main school quarters.  It does not run at all during summer, spring break, winter break.  In the end I was spending so much money on one-day permits for these periods, it was cheaper to buy an ongoing quarterly permit! I would prefer to ride the bus, but how do I get here outside of school quarters? I have to work all year round!  The problem is that the 15x is suposed to be the "SBCC shuttle", so when both SBCC and UCSB are not in session, it does not run.  But not everyone who takes that route is a student!
  115. I usually get dropped off on campus in the morning, then bus to downtown Santa Barbara at night to pick up the car and drive home.
  116. I usually have my partner drive me to campus if I missed the bus to campus or if I need a ride home and the bus doesn't come for another hour. I filled out this part in terms of getting rides to campus rather than driving a car myself.
  117. I want to be able to continue to drive my motorcycle to campus everyday if need be. I need the flexibility.
  118. I want to take the train but need transportation from the train station to campus.
  119. I wanted to do the vanpool but I was never contacted and the information I received was not very detailed.  I think if students were better informed about these different alternatives of transportation, they would definitely be willing to use them rather than drive themselves.
  120. I wonder who designed these off-base questions about "regular schedule": Faculty do NOT have a regular schedule, that's the problem! And re. E9: A parking permit is a necessity & any fee increase is simply a salary reduction. Re. E10: The real answer is that if you make driving difficult, people would only come in to teach & otherwise work at home -- too bad for the students & those who'd see the University as an interactive enterprise. I like to be on campus 5-6 day/week but almost feel like that's unwanted.
  121. I work full time and the bus takes an hour to get downtown when i leave campus. I work till ten at night and the bus ride home I can miss and have to wait too long for the next bus.
  122. I work long days, often into the evening, and don't like the idea of using a bus that would leave me off at the downtown terminal.
  123. I would appreciate the addition of more flexibility with parking permits, i.e., approving more requests for quarterly parking permits within Isla Vista.  I like to have as many transportation options available as possible, so that I can choose the one that is most convenient at any given time, rather than be forced to pay hourly parking fees or use an alternate method of transportation.
  124. I would consider taking the bus if there was a stop on the other side of campus (on the engineering side).  It takes too long to ride the slow bus and then walk all the way across campus.
  125. I would consider the bus, but the ride home (15 minutes in a car) is 40 or more mintues.
  126. I would get another job if things got significanly worse here!
  127. I would like to take the bus more, but it does not leave frequently enough and the bus station circle is far from where I work on campus.
  128. I would LOVE to take the bus, and have in the past (as a graduate student).  But there is no convenient route from my home, the fastest taking over an hour, and running only once an hour. As I teach on campus, I cannot afford to be late, and the duration of the trip makes taking the bus impractical.
  129. I would suggest that all future buildings be required to provide adequate parking for the average capacity of the building within a five minute walk.
  130. I wouldn't mind parking off campus and riding my bike to class and around campus and in IV.
  131. I'd like to ride my bike a few days a week, but it would cost me my time and effort.  I'd like to see UCSB offer some kind of incentive....but what?  Scrip that could be exchanged for something? 
  132. I'd love to see a local train from the Ventura area to campus, with multiple stops along the way. Then of course a shuttle service to campus from the Los Carneros stop would be necessary. 
  133. If I cannot get to my child if she is sick, then UCSB in not a good work environment.  Rather than change transportation an option for E10 should be to find another job.  I used to bike.  It added 15 minutes to my trip home.  I would not be able to bike to daycare so I would have to bike home and then drive in the case of an emergency and for daily childcare. Bus service is even less practicle for a working Mother.
  134. If I could be "on the clock" (paid) for the extra time shuttling from an off-campus lot added, and if I didn't have to pay for parking, I'd gladly take the shuttle.
  135. If it is more than 20 minutes, it would be faster to park in IV and walk to campus.
  136. If more regular bus service and more varied time intervals was offered I would take the bus. Also, I am occasionally on campus until 10pm-2am and there are no bus services then, which is a big part of why I drive myself to and from school.
  137. If possible make the undergraduate commuter permit cheaper. 
  138. If the bus did not do a 45 minute loop, I would consider it.  I don't live near the UC and expect to take the same time it takes from out of town.  I have a child in school and am not OK with being unable to leave immediately when I am needed.
  139. If the campus made it financially beneficial to me to ride my bike more, i.e. pay as you go parking permit, I would probably ride in a little more.
  140. If there was a frequent shuttle bus through Isla Vista (that stopped for example on Camino Corto) I would use it.  I sometimes bike but since I am the primary child picker-upper I usually drive (it's a little too far to walk my kid home from UCSB).
  141. If there was a shuttle that ran every 15 minutes and had stops around campus (not just the bus loop); with one going to Married Student Housing, and another going into the outer IV area (near Franscisco Torres) and down to Hollister and then back to campus, I think you'd find more people taking the shuttle.  However, you have to have a shuttle at every stop, every 15 minutes, like they do in large metropolitan areas.  If a shuttle comes every 30 minutes, the wait becomes so long that driving becomes a necessity.  This is why MTD struggles -- the wait is TOO LONG.  Convenience is the major consideration for most people.
  142. If there were a train schedule between Carpinteria and Goleta, I would use it.
  143. If UCSB charged to park on a DAILY basis (regular permit would be for XX number of days of parking), then people would have more of an incentive to NOT drive. Currently with the huge disparity between owning a monthly permit ($35) and paying daily ($7) the incentive is to own a monthly permit. If a person owns a monthly unlimited parking permit, there is no incentive to carpool, bus or bike on a limited basis. Having a permit with a limited number of days of parking would give a person a financial incentive to NOT drive occasionally, and maybe that person could gradually shift to other modes of transportation, or at least not drive daily.
  144. If UCSB provided a car for the occasional off campus trip in an emergency (e.g. if my daughter gets sick or hurt at school and I need to pick her up, if I have to go pick up a visitor from the airport) the rigidity of the bus would be mitigated.  Also, before my daughter going to school was an issue, my schedule was much more flexible and I tried to use the bus, but was frustrated that it doesn't run late enough.  I run experiments.  Sometimes I need to follow an experiment into the night.  I don't necessarily know in advance if it will work and therefore I can't plan when I will have to stay late.  Knowing that I couldn't catch a bus after 11pm (or so) made me switch to driving.
  145. if ucsb provides low cost shuttles for off campas parking i would be more likely to park off campas.
  146. if you don't have room, STOP admitting so many new students
  147. If you have to take kids to daycare you're stuck.  I wouldn't mind parking off campus more cheaply if there were constant shuttles.  But if you have daycare call and say your kid is sick and it takes 30 minutes to get to your car, it doesn't work. parking and driving issues are other reasons to have much better quality, much more accessible daycare ON CAMPUS, not miles away. 
  148. I'm in TAP and pay daily/hourly parking, so the monthly permit cost question e9 doesn't apply. Having the in-car-parking meters available to grad students would be a big improvement, so we don't have to guess how long we'll be parked, and so that we can still park in S1 lots without buying a monthly permit.
  149. I'm not sure if it is possible, seeing as the MTD isn't part of UCSB, but I would definitely take the bus if it were more convenient.  If there were more buses, more routes, more (and closer) bus stops, and if the buses were run much more frequently.  Perhaps UCSB could see about getting an MTD bus that was specifically JUST for going between campus and houses in Goleta, with frequent trips and more bus stops?  If UCSB can't do anything about the buses, then building more parking structures would help, especially over near where the new Mesa parking structure is.
  150. I'm pretty satisfied now; if parking permit fees go up substantially, I'll have to consider something else.
  151. Improve bus schedules.  I would consider taking the bus; however, with the current bus schedules, it would take me more than an hour to get to UCSB.  When I drive alone, it takes 15 minutes.  I do plan to bike occasionally.
  152. Improve parking for graduate students.  I don't want to come to work at all when it involves hunting for parking, parking far away, and a lengthy walk to and from my workplace. 
  153. Improve salaries at UCSB so that staff could afford to live in the area rather than have to commute so far every day. :)
  154. In experimental science, schedules often vary by the day given the nature of the experiments. I cannot usually predict when I will finish, and when I come in is largely dependent on the results of the previous day's experiments. This makes carpooling difficult, and also bike riding, when work frequently goes into the night.
  155. In response to question E9, I might liken the scenario to one in which a woman is raped by two overpowering men.  Another woman is raped identically by 3 overpowering men.  How awful, but is there a difference between 2 and 3?  Rape is rape.  Fee increases?  Parking permit costs are already rape.
  156. Increase the number and locations of available motorcycle parking spaces
  157. Increasing parking permit cost only makes parking available to the more well off in the ucsb student community.  There are, in fact, only a limited amount of parking permits available on campus as it is, so the cost of the permits shouldnt influence the amount of lone drivers to the ucsb campus.  This leads me to believe that the only plausible reason for permit fees in the first place is for ucsb monetary benefit (one among many) and has very little to do with control of the type of transportation to and from ucsb.  That being stated, bus transportation in general is too much of a hassle for most ucsb students who have the money to drive and find parking in isla vista or on campus because of time and convenience.  A student needs a car to drive to the store for groceries or go to the movies and so it is convenient for that same student to use it for school transportation.  Carpooling doesnt work due to vastly differing school schedules and increasing any type of car fee does not discourage lone drivers it simply adds another monetary hardship to the already over-taxed ucsb student.
  158. Instead of qtr/annual permits, implement a "pay per day" system for ALL users. Current system makes it too easy/convenient to use one's vehicle daily and doesn't foster incentive to use other methods of transportation on those days when such fits into one's schedule. Alternatively, implement process where one who purchases qtr/annual permit under current system, could receive "daily credits" to apply against cost of next qtr/annual permit purchase, or receive some other type of incentive for using another form of transportation (something akin to this is in place for carpools . . . why not apply to other forms such as biking, bus, etc.). In other words, there needs to be some type of reasonable/workable incentives available for ALL forms of alternative transportation and available for ALL UCSB commuters on a fair/equitable basis. In my mind, this is the only way to induce change . . . well, this, and for the P&T committee to stiffen their spine and not cave-in to the demands/gripes/etc. of our "esteemed and progress-minded" faculty.
  159. it seems like the faculty spots are more often than not empty when i need a spot.... the faculty parking is often prohibited to C permits from super early to 9:00 at night..... from 4:00 to nine the se spots are never full  also, i drive every time i go to school... and i dont notice a problem in UCSBss transportation... in fact i think the amount of parking and traffic is stellar compared to other colleges ie city college and UCLA
  160. It would be best to have more convenient motorcycle parking, (by the Engineering 2 building) and smoother/safer roads to ride on, THEN I would consider commuting on a motorcycle. As it is, the patched up roads are too unsafe for unsure riders and the areas near our building, (Lot 11) have unsafe crossings at 5pm when everyone speeds around the curve well over 25 mph!
  161. It would be much better if the bus schedules were shifted in such a way that they arrive 8-10 minutes before the hour instead of 10-15 minutes after the hour.  Also, not many bus lines run as often during or around lunch time. It will be much more convenient for the people who wants to go back home during lunch time.
  162. Ive been driving to campus everyday because I had surgery on my knee.  If I did not have a handicap pass, driving to school would not be an option because the parking problem is horrible.  I rarely see an open spot that is not a handicap spot.
  163. Just please don't start making us pay to park in the streets of IV. We already struggle with bills enough being poor students. And, our parents are already struggling enough with the tuition increases. Come on now!
  164. Keep the stacked parking and add to other lots if needed. It is a good way of providing affordable, flexible on-demand parking. The valets are curtious. I like knowing I can arrive a little late if needed and still find a place to park. I pretty much have curtailed all mid-day errands off campus but that is OK...I exercise on campus instead and do errands after leaving campus.
  165. Keep up the good work....this is an important issue that affects us all and I hope the survey yields productive information.
  166. light rail alongside 101
  167. lower cost of permits for people who commute from out of town or offer a carpool program or bus transportation from other towns
  168. Lower permit costs.
  169. Make it clearer on where it is okay to park and where it isn't.
  170. Make parking cheaper!  Stop stealing our money!!!!!!!!!  We pay enough just to go to school there.  You are constantly giving invalid tickets also--for example--tickets for not parking in ONE stall, when sometimes it is not possible due to OTHER cars...or if stalls are not even marked...THAT SUCKS...STOP GIVING STUPID TICKETS LIKE THAT ESPECIALLY WHEN SOMEONE GIVES A WITNESS TO VOUCH FOR THERE PARKING JOB--STATING THAT IT WAS WITHIN THE MARKED STALL!!!!!!!!!! UCSB is SO GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  171. Make parking structures on campus.  They do not take much space across the lot, they are just taller.  If the university has money to make a new Arbor, then they should consider something more important to students such as suitable parking.
  172. Make S or A parking permits more readily available to students. I always have to resort to buying a parking spot with the machine everyday which costs up to $3 or $4 a day and sometimes I accidentally go over the alloted time by 20 or 30 minutes and get a $30 ticket.
  173. Make the permits cheaper, add more parking structures like Mesa Parking Structure, give more than 6 TAP free parks, lower the cost on parking meters back down to 25 cents per 15 minutes. Don't remove parking in order to build more buildings unless you are going to provide a parking structure somewhere else!
  174. Many of us have to drive alone due to distance from UCSB, different schedules quarterly, driving to and from work in between classes.  Three other people live in Lompoc who are students at UCSB (who I know).  Not one time in any quarter were we able to coordinate our classes such that we could car pool.
  175. more A spaces.  don't let goleta put stoplights on 217.
  176. More convenient, express route.. publish the schedule in the nexus.. more non faculty lots closer to class
  177. More frequent and regular bus service.  Bus schedules often unreliable except in peak commuter hours so not great for those of us who may arrive mid day and leave late.
  178. More frequent busses leaving later at night, improved Isla Vista safety and quality of living so I could live there and do without a car (I live downtown because IV is unsafe, overpriced, and does not offer good jobs within biking distance).  Long distance transportation is also a factor since even if I lived in IV I'd need a car to get home to Sacramento once in a while; driving is the best option since the train takes 11 hours, the bus isn't much faster, there's no easy transportation to LAX and flying out of SB airport is very expensive.  If there was off-campus parking with a shuttle I'd expect permits to cost a lot less.  I am grateful for the 30 minute parking spaces centrally located on campus available at all times for C permit holders because as an art student they make it possible for me to unload heavy things and run quick errands on campus.  This survey only allowed for "big factor" and "small factor"-- a medium factor choice should have been available as well. 
  179. More frequent express buses to the Santa Barbara Mesa and other locations
  180. More frequent shuttles/buses to campus with sheltered stops along the way.
  181. More metered spots and more spots in the heart of campus, not just around the outside.  If I want to go to the Ucen I have to park in the mesa structure and walk for 20 minutes.
  182. More Parking closer to classes
  183. More parking is needed for Staff. Students should not have as many parking spots as they do.
  184. MORE PARKING LESS COST!!!!!   build more parking structures, where the ucen/on campus parking lots are could be way more cost effect in terms of parking, if instead of building 10 new buildings and recruiting less student population...  lets build another parking garage on top of the new one thats going up...   and make it 3$ all day to park, that would be great :-) but that would happen only in my dreams...
  185. more parking lots and stop charging so much!!!!!
  186. more parking lots closer to classes.  reduce fees.
  187. More parking multi-level structures
  188. more parking services!
  189. More parking spaces
  190. More parking, cheaper parking, free (or very cheap) shuttles from UCSB to locations in Goleta (Calle Real and Camino Real) at lunch time or other times during the middle of the day.
  191. More S spaces available near offices and lower parking costs.  It's disappointing that we have to pay so much to go to work.
  192. MORE STUDENT PARKING!!! I shoudn't have to take a bus or shuttle to get to school and I shouldn't have to live in the pit they call IV just to avoid transportation costs.
  193. More vanpools?  Bus schedules that run early (5 AM) in the morning and later at night (after 10PM)?  Really look at ways to improve transportation options for the huge amount of people that commute from out of town (Ventura/Lompoc/Buellton).  These are the people that are spending much more money on fuel and parking.  These are the people more likely to change their transportation habits because they have more invested.  These are the people that can't afford housing in Santa Barbara/Goleta and can't afford rising parking fees and costs of fuel.  These are the people ready to make a change.
  194. My answer to E10 is so elastic because i drive only when i don't want to wait another half-hour for the next bus.
  195. My only form of transportation is a motorcycle. UCSB has taken some good steps to make this a viable alternative form of transportation.  I don't know how well publicized the benefits of motorcycling to campus are, but I'm glad they recognize the space and fuel saving aspects of this type of transportation.  Improvements would be to adjust the stop light sensors to detect motorcycles. (esp. at the intersection of El Colegio and Ocean road.)   The bus system would be more useful if the cost wasn't so high. I can pay $0.20-$1.00 for gas to get most places in the area on my own schedule, or $1.25 for a bus pass and have to deal with the wait for the bus.
  196. My responses in the fill-in questions above may not represent my situation accurately.  I live on campus, but I have a part-time job in Santa Barbara proper.  The hours I can work are limited by my class schedule and the business schedule of my employer.  The reason I cannot use the bus is that it takes too long -- not that the ride takes too long, necessarily, but that it takes too long from the point where I leave my room to the point where I arrive at my job.  The bus only comes every half hour.  This is not frequent enough.  With a car, if I finish lunch at 1:05 I can be at work by 1:25.  If I have to wait for the bus, I will still be sitting at the bus stop at 1:30.  The bus schedule does not match my schedule.  Moreover, I can't even TAKE the express bus because my destination is not the transit center (it's on upper State Street near Las Positas).  If there were a bus that came every ten minutes and would take me to the corner of Las Positas and State, I would not need my car.  I would use this bus even if it took, say, 25-30 minutes, instead of the 15 or so it would take me to drive in my car.  It is simply not feasible, however, for me to wait 20 minutes for a 35-minute bus-ride each way.  On Mondays I can leave no earlier than 1:20 and must be back no later than 5:00.  I am hugely in favor of public transportation, but the buses need to run about 3 times more often and must more efficiently service a vastly greater number of stops before they become a viable opti
  197. my round trip is 85 miles per day.  i am not aware of any other mode of transportation in to school available to me.  are there any?
  198. My schedule changes every quarter.  This quarter, I come to campus at 10:30, and then leave at 12:15 on Mondays & Wednesdays.  Then, I come back to campus at 4:30, and leave at 6:15.  The survey did not allow me to enter two trips to campus on the same day, so I put the second trip to campus (the afternoon trip), on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  If you can fix this manually, please do.  I wanted to get the extra trips on the survey, even though they are on the wrong day.
  199. My schedule changes throughout the year.  I would heavily consider carpooling with another staff member if I could maintain my flexibility in schedule, so if some days I needed to drive myself because I knew it would be a longer day than normal, if I could have a limited number of drive alone trips.  However, this kind of information concerning such programs have been inconsistent so I don't know if I would get free parking passes or not, depending on the program I chose.
  200. my spouse and I are both employed at ucsb. between us we have 1 parking permit, and 2 TAP passes (as a carpool). 90% of the time, we share a bicycle, and one rides the bike to work, and the other rides the bike home. This provides a) flexibility to have a car at work in case one us needs to leave mid-day, b) excercise, and c) free parking for the second car when both are at ucsb.
  201. My work requires that I travel by car multiple times per day so a car is required.
  202. Offer "rebates" and/or discounts to people who would otherwise drive.  Stanford University has a great program for dissuading single drivers; including preferred carpool parking slots, rebates for biking in, and "offsets"/"rebates" [money] for taking alternative modes of transportation.
  203. Offer a shuttle system for people that do not live in the Santa Barbara area, such as Lompoc, Ventura, Carpenteria.
  204. Offer an off-campus shittle to Goleta areas during the day.  Check out "The Hop" offered in Boulder, Colorado and the CU campus.  It is cheap with the convenience of leaving campus for lunch.
  205. Open the gate between Phelps Road and Storke Family Housing. This is a direct rout for people in the Ellwood Area that would save at least 3-5 miles a round trip, and hundreds of gallons in gas per year.
  206. Oppose further construction in Goleta and Santa Barbara Develop light rail from outlying towns. Raise cost of parking. Reduce number of parking spaces. Remove parking and roads in the interior of campus.
  207. Other answers to E3: I do not know where bus stop is located near my home.                      I do not know where bus stops are located at UCSB  Other answers to E4: I enjoy driving.                      I can smoke while I drive!!!
  208. other reasons to drive alone: work late on campus and don't like biking thru IV late on weekends because of drunk driving/biking/etc
  209. parking
  210. Parking in SB is not easy and I think UCSB does an outstanding job.  I have never had trouble finding a spot to park, any day at any time!
  211. Parking is ridiculous on campus and in the surrounding community. People are often forced to park illegally and get tickets, and even staff members like myself can often not afford to park on campus. Staff permits should be paid for by the university and parking should be readily availaible. Parking can be a very bad start to a morning at work and leads to a level of job dissatisfaction.
  212. Parking is terrible! That would be one of the influential reasons.  I think UCSB is making parking very difficult in order to have drivers use other means of transportation.
  213. Parking is too crowded and too expensive.  Limited entrances onto campus make traffic bad.  A carpooling network would be very helpful.
  214. Parking Rates for staff need to stay what they currently are as long as there are no or nominal raises due to the State Budget.  Parking lots need to be planned for and built BEFORE Research Buildings are built on top of perfectly good existing lots to begin with. When Research Buildings are built on top of existing parking lots, the lot replacement funds need to come from the funds that are paying for the new Building and not from the pockets of regular employees and students!! 
  215. Parking structures!
  216. Partner with other agencies to build light rail or other high speed transportation from the south and north.
  217. PAy employees accordingly so that they could live close enough totake advatage of the alternate  methods of trans. Valet parking is unavailable unless you work 8:00-5:30pm A lot of campus is here earlier and later than this and so we need to walk across campus in the dark to the police station to get keys...everyday! If we were to use this.  Build new parking structures before building over the existing ones!  The campus is growing, students, faculty and staff...the staff, faculty, and even some students, can no longer afford to live close by...busses from Ventura, Lompoc, Santa Maria and Santa Ynez Valley(if avaialable at all) are not conveiniently timed for a lot of staff and the number of seats does not increase often... so more people have to takes just one emergency with a carpool partner to sour that experience(being 40 miles form home with an infant and a toddler and no way to get home if something happens??? Frightening experience... so more people opt to drive themselves...and the number of parking spaces available decreases every quarter. 
  218. People who live in IV (or within a 3 mile radius of campus) should not be allowed to drive in and not given a permit. One Example: People from IV drive in to campus and park there to work out at the rec center.  They should bike to the gym if they want a work out. People like me who commute for over 1.5 hours a day for school should be the only ones given permits. For the occaisional rainy day, the temporary parking meters are enough for those who live in IV. Simply raising the price of permits will not solve the problem.  That will discourage people like me who really need to drive (because I have no access to buses, trains, etc) from buying one.  Raising the prices of permits will only cut into parking permit revenues.
  219. please make more parking for students near the engineering buildings.
  220. Prekids my wife and I both rode in every day (Rain or shine).  With 2 kids in school and childcare (here on campus) until 5 pm each day we can't afford to spend 30 min to get home (~5 miles out) and still have time to do homework eat dinner have baths...  I don't know about postkids, we will be well into our 50's by then- car communting is likely to always be a big part of getting to work for us.
  221. price is horrible, ticket enforcment is nazi like
  222. Promote home offices, telecommuting.
  223. Provide monthly passes for ucsb staff/faculty for free.  Reduce admin. overhead for people who want to get bus passes. Make them available at several spots on campus.  UCSB helps little with housing for their staff, so at least they could support staff with transportation.  Increase bus frequency and coverage (and don't make this dependent on students being in town (e.g. school year). Add a tramway between UCSB-SB (I can dream, can I?) Ok, add a shuttle that leaves every 20mins during the week (not only 8-5pm). Bus sizes can be adapted for the early/late hrs, so that costs can be reduced.   Provide ways to do split modes of transportation more easily. Some days I do several errands after leaving school where I need the car. Some days I could use the bus, but I would need to pay double for a parking permit and bus pass.
  224. provide more convenient parking lots for the c permit
  225. Provide more inlets into the university, also more frequent bus schedules as the day progresses I find it hard to catch a bus after any of my classes to get to work on time.  Otherwise I would take the metro over driving my car because it saves on gas and also on the expensive parking permits.
  226. Provide more literature on ride-share programs and setup a shuttle system that people can enroll in to get from their home to school without having to stop at several bus stations.  For example, a shuttle could stop along Hollister Rd at the Santa Barbara Shores entrance, then at Entrance Road, and again at Pacific Oaks if there are people whom would use the service at each stop and the only stops would be for people signed up for the service.
  227. Provide more parking on east side of campus.  The parking structure under construction will help some, but its 600+ parking only a fraction of what is needed.  Lots that have turned into buildings held many more vehicles than that prior to them being turned into buiding.  Charge fee to all buildings that displace parking spaces that are sufficient to replace the amount of parking spaces displaced in an area near the displaced parking spaces.  Parking space maintenance is one thing but charging commuters year after year for parking is rediculus.  I've been on campus since 1973.  During that time I've had to pay a fortune in parking fees to the point where it's getting to be rediculously expensive.  After 30 years of paying parking fees, I would expect to own a space by now not have to spend ages hunting for one.
  228. provide more parking spots so that parking fees may be kept the same (as opposed to raising them) and get rid of IV parking permits (that is THE WORST idea i have EVER heard in my 4 years here!)
  229. Provide some sort of forum (website, etc.) where students who don't live in IV can find people to share rides with. Make copies of bus schedules readily available around campus or easily accessible from the UCSB website (currently, a person who wants a schedule has to wait for a bus to get it). Also, give students easy access to SB/ Goleta bike route maps. Provide incentives for people who make an effort at sharing rides (cheaper parking or better parking locations) or using alternate transportation, because it isn't an easy thing to do, but if enough people are inspired to try something different, it will be better for all commuters.
  230. Providing a frequent shuttle back and forth to Isla Vista is the single most helpful thing UCSB could do.  My students tell me this. 
  231. Providing better security for bikes would motivate more people to ride rather than drive to school.  I would prefer to ride my bike but I am afraid it will get stolen.  I also think a tues/thurs parking permit is a good idea.  I would buy that if it was offered. 
  232. put some parking lots that are CLOSE to campus and that are CLOSE to the isla vista residence. the only way to get to the library from isla vista is a long ride down from dp to el colegio and then to ocen drive, take that past the 217 adn the swing and pull in to a lot that isn't even for the students. more people are driving, add more parking closer to things, that would be my suggestion.
  233. Question 8: My reason for NOT EVER taking the bus in the fall and winter is the need to walk 1/2 mile across downtown after dark (evenings).  This would be alleviated by a 25c/trip to-the-door shuttle. In general:  I plan to use TAP during from June - end of daylight savings time.  Errands and shopping can easily be rescheduled, but doctor, dentist, optometrist, and other vital appointments cannot be worked around using the bus, so periodic daily permits are critical to me.
  234. Question E10: Having a shuttle would require 1 hour loading/unloading zones close to all buildings for transportation of items.  It doesn't indicate what other options would be available to switch to, and how these would provide less of a delay than the off-campus parking.  My current travel time is about 5 minutes.  This question makes no sense.  Are you saying you will send a shuttle past my house to make the delay less?  Are you going to park on the surface streets in my neighborhood? Question 7: Choices don't describe problem.  It's not flexibility, it is variability.  Many times I need to be here before 7:30am, or leave after 6:00pm.  I won't know until 1/2 hour before, when problems occur at work. 
  235. Question E-3:  Bus is too expensive. I would gladly take the bus if it weren't so expensive.  I have enough days where I have to drive (errands or going to work out after work) that I still have to buy the parking pass so riding the bus at $2.00 a day doesn't save me much money.  I find that when I'm taking city college classes and have the free pass I ride the bus a lot.  I'm used to much less expensive bus passes elsewhere.
  236. Quit getting rid of all the parking lots before you have new parking structures built.
  237. Raise the cost of parking.
  238. Raise the parking fees but only in conjunction with a viable, efficient bus service with more frequent routes and flexible schedules. 
  239. Reduce parking costs on the outer perimeters.  Increase parking costs in the main campus area. Provide more and better bus services.   Provide more facilities for bicycles.
  240. Send us information about specific bus routes and times--or have it as a link on a website.
  241. Shuttle seems inconvenient-- might as well just take the bus if I am going to rely upon someone else's schedule.
  242. Shuttles from bus circle to surrounding buildings and shuttles from buildings to bus circle.
  243. Since I teach a lot, my schedule varies by day and by quarter. I drive mostly because of the flexibility, but I could see myself taking the bus at least some days during each quarter. The problem is that I have to pay for the parking permit for the full quarter anyway, so what's the point of taking the bus since I already paid to park? Perhaps if there was a pro-rated sort of parking system, I'd be more inclined to take the bus.
  244. Some of the questions did not pertain to me.  My answers would vary for different reasons such a stopping at the store for milk or taking an evening class downtown, going to visit Mom or pick up kids for a weekend visit.  Hard to say how perfect the survey is for me.  I usually park in a handicapped space, although there are days I don't need it.  I feel that I am freeing up more spaces for regular parking if I do this.  I think more parking structures around campus would be a plus.  I was delighted when Parking Services began charging for parking at night and on the weekends.  So many people don't take jobs here b/c they have to pay for parking and the price to too high.  It was $5 a month when I began here.  In 24 years it has gone up $40.  Ouch!
  245. Some questions I could not answer because the options did not apply to me.  The options for "how important are these stops" were too extreme.  Improvement.  I like the bike paths.  The rule that one must push one's bike across the intersection of El Colegio and Stadium Rd is offensive.  I heard someone got a fine for that once.  How regrettable.  In the absence of visible police I will only obey that rule when there is a sign to cars that say "push cars across intersection."   Indeed a sign for cars on Stadium Rd. saying no right turn on red would protect biker and pedestrian safety better.
  246. Some staff must drive to work. Other modes of transportation are simply not an option. Charging employees a fee to park is ludricrous.
  247. special parking for commuting students
  248. Speed limits in the parking lots...
  249. Staff and Faculty should not have to pay for parking! Students ESPECIALLY first year students and students living on campus should not be allowed to bring cars (note UC Davis thank you) Also, b/c housing is so accessible to students there is no need to provide parking for them on campus, they can park in the meter parking if necessary.  Staff and faculty on the other hand have rigid to very flexible schedules (fac.) and most of staff cannot afford to live anywhere near UCSB and NEED to commute long hours everyday wasting time and money.  The least the University could do is provide free parking. 
  250. Staff should not be allowed to park in the yellow designated stalls.  They park in the Yellow areas when there are open spaces in the white areas.  This limits the parking available for the students.  SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. IN LOT 21 STAFF PARK IN YELLOW SPACES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE PARKING SPACES BETTER. ie. preceived safer parking for their cars.  Check out the corner of lot 21 at Ocean and ElColegio.
  251. Stop building buildings on existing parking lots. We have enough buildings to service the campus, and any essential need could be met by replacing older, low-slung structures with higher buildings on the same footprint. Transportation to campus would be just fine if only the parking capacity weren't constantly reduced. The point of this survey seems to be to probe the willingness of the campus community to stop driving to campus. That's not the way to solve the parking problem! Just stop reducing the number of parking spaces on campus.
  252. Stop building new stuctures and eating up the remaining parking spots... improve bike lanes and areas throughout Goleta and Santa Barbara (lots of seperate bike paths from city streets). Make bike lots more accessible and safe with improved security. Make area's for Staff/Faculty bike parking (seperate from Large student lots).... I have no peace of mind if I left my bike here. I firmly believe its not safe and will be stolen or vandalized. I can not trust biking to work for that reason.
  254. stop pulling out all of the damn parking  if you add a building then add parking for the new people that are going to occupy the building  do not just add people and not add parking  It doesnt take genius to figure this out Have you ever thought that possibly class attendance could be affected by the fact that it is either too expensive/inconvenient to get to class I think most people would agree to pay more to have underground parking
  255. Stop taking away parking lots by constructing new buildings, focus on improving the ones already standing.
  256. stop ticketing for every little thing. give students access to A and S parking spaces. stop spend money on science buildings while the rest of us pay upwards of $300 for yearly parking passes to wait for a spot, be late, walk 10 min to our humanities classes.
  257. The cost of parking is ridiculous.  I feel like the university is taking advantage of the college student.  I already have ridiculous cost of rent, ridiculous cost of books, and now ridiculous parking.  The parking is too limited at too high a price.
  258. the last section E4 - E10 is problematic for a bike user on the TAP program, since some of the questions do not really fit (E9, E10)
  259. The metered parking permit (the kind that gives you some number of hours per month for a reduced rate) is a fantastic idea.  Because I drive only 1-2 days of the week and bike the other 3-4 days, I would participate in this, but the price/time tradeoff didn't quite make sense for my situation.
  260. The off-campus shuttle idea sounds good to me, especially if it keeps the cost of parking down. It's not much of an incentive for clericals when pay increases go to pay for parking hikes!
  261. the parking permit is too high as is.  the high fees are unreasonable when an individual live too far to bike and such it seems unfair that they must pay such a high fee more a matter not in their control.  the fees seem as though they are a punishment for living outside of isla vista when, in fact, many choose not to live their as it does not offer a suitable environment for many to study and such.
  262. The question above "I tend not to use the bus to UCSB because..." does not allow for specific enough responses.  For example, one of the responses is "Nearest bus stop is too far away."  I would've liked to check this box, but the physically nearest bus stop to my house is literally accross the street (at West Canon Perdido and San Pascual streets), however, that stop is for the Westside route bus, and is not serviced by the downtown-UCSB direct bus (I think that's the 24x, UCSB Express?), so I'd have to make a couple transfers to get to UCSB using that bus stop.  If I want to catch the 24x, I'd need to walk 14min from my house to the stop at W. Carrillo and Bath Street, which for me adds too much time to my commute (once you include the rest of the stops on the route to UCSB and the walking time from the Bus Loop to my office near the residence halls).    Another example is the response "I don't feel safe at a bus stop," - well, I feel perfectly safe walking to and waiting at a bus stop during the day, but I don't feel too safe walking from the bus stop downtown to my home at night, in the dark (because I usually go to the Rec Cen after work, so by the time I get on the bus, it's getting dark, and by the time I start my walk from the bus stop downtown to home, it is dark).  Also, at certain times during the year, I need to use my car for travel/transport on-campus, for work.  We have department-owned vehic
  263. The transportation system is sometime not convenience because when questions need to be answered and the information provided are complicated to understand.  The parking meter does not make sense for people who are using it for the first time.  More simple informations need to be provided and the meter stall machine where people would insert their info in should be easier too.
  264. The valet parking seems like a waste.
  265. thea howard  I think the best option is better bus service.  I happen to live on an express route so it is not a problem for me, but most people do not love close enough to a bus and the bus ride just takes too long.  Also, most people have errands to run and so need their cars at least some days of the week.    Another important consideration is housing.  If there were more affordable housing in SB for people who work at UCSB this would save a lot of the transportation problem.  Lastly, mamy more students drive to campus now than in the past.  I am not sure of the reason for this, but it would help perhaps if there was more free transportation to and from IV.
  266. There is a bus stop right outside my apartment and right outside my building on campus. Neither I, nor my fiance, take the bus because the schedule is HORRIBLE. We wouldn't be able to get home at night. We need a more frequent bus schedule and free bus service during the summer. I have more flexibility during the summer months to take the bus but I'm not going to because I would have to pay for it.
  267. There is NO convienent parking for the Science Buildings.  It is at least a ten minute walk each way from the nearest parking lot to almost all of my classes.  The long commute time on top of the long walking distance leads me to miss class every so often.  There needs to be parking available to the East side of campus, not just the humanities buildings.  Although this was my only year i had to commute by car, this was VERY frusting, especially at $110 a quarter.
  268. There needs to be another multi-level parking garage near the new buildings.
  269. there seems to be a lot of parking available by manzanita village in the csa lots.  Are people just too lazy to use it?
  270. There was no option/mention of a commuter train/lightrail from Ventura to UCSB to Santa Maria with a shuttle pickup to campus from the Goleta station (frequent during travel peak hours).  With low salaries and more people moving out of the area AND congestion worse on 101 this seem like a good alternative (save time and money).  It's a long term process that UCSB ignores for quick fixes like stack parking.  This place is supposed to be the brains of the area let's start using them and think long term (100 years!)
  271. Think globally. It's not all about parking. Our bike paths are substandard. The roads on campus are problematic. The intersections on the west and northwest of the Mesa structure are a joke.
  272. This entire survey is poorly designed for undergraduate response.  I used to live in Isla Vista and bike to campus.  I have recently moved to Goleta and will be most likely driving from now on.
  273. This survey makes me realize I should bike and bus more. I bought a bike expressly to commute (4 miles each way) but it takes 15 minutes longer to bike and another 10 to change clothes when I arrive. I am a dept chair on a tight schedule. But I also need the exercise. I'll try to do better than once every two weeks!  The bus goes right by my house, but once an hour, and it moves up my departure time to campus to a half hour earlier. (7;15 instead of 7:45).  But it is so convenient I shoudl do it more. We are a one-car family by choice, so I have that added incentive to do public transport--to not leave my partner stranded at home w/o the car. (He is on medical retirement.) SO I mainly take the bus or bike when he says he must have the car that day--but that is not that often.
  274. To accomodate students and improve transportation to campus, a shuttle from Isla Vista to UCSB would be useful, similar to the system at other UC's.
  275. UC Riverside's parking permits are 1/3 of the price of ours.  Maybe you should see how they keep prices low.
  276. UCSB can significantly improve transportation/parking problems (as well as other work-life issues) by encouraging supervisors to support telecommuting and other forms of flex schedules.  Given today's technological resources, there is no reason why every staff member must travel (sometimes many miles) to be on campus every day rather than telecommuting one, two, or three days/week. E9/E10: decision on hypothetical scenarios is based entirely on before/after work commitments -- child must be dropped off/picked up at different child-care locations (and times) throughout work-week. 
  277. UCSB could change the parking system for those not holding permits. The current method has quite a few faults; it seems the system could be simplified by printing out a receipt to act as a permit rather than simply "renting" a spot for the day. This way daily permit buyers could leave campus and return and park without paying twice.
  278. UCSB might offer regular shuttles from routes not well served by busses - perhpas a website could allow users to locate themselves and their needs to see if a shuttle would be cost effective for the user.  I would gladly pay the full cost of my parking sticker if a shuttle offered pickup at the nearest intersection.
  279. UCSB should restrict student parking on campus (including graduate student parking); that would free up more spaces for faculty and staff.  Faculty and staff should have #1 priority for parking lot spaces.  Students could park off campus and be shuttled to campus.  Alternatively, UCSB could restrict student parking to juniors and seniors.  Freshmen and sophomores can walk, bike, or take the bus.  Other campuses restrict student parking privileges to upperclassmen, so this would not be an undue burden.
  280. Unreasonable cost and inconvenience may cause me to seek employment elsewhere
  281. Usually, I park for free in Isla Vista on Sabado and then walk to my bike that I keep at IV theater locked up and that saves me money for a parking permit.
  282. We ned more parking and cheaper too. We pay way too much money each quarter to attend school and for us to not find parking at times it is unacceptable. And the parking is too expensive.
  283. We need parking for students around the Engineering 2 building.  Apart from being on the opposite side of campus from the closest "C" parking, there are approximately 75 students studying in the CAD labs every weeknight until they close at 2:00AM.  The few S and A parking lots nearby are always full at night.  Ideally, I'd buy a pass for C,S,A (I'm a student) if you made it available for students at an extra charge(many of us would pay up to $1000 extra to be able to park near the lecture halls)  Thanks.
  284. Were there an express bus (one that takes 101 to UCSB and doesn't stop) near the upper State St. on-ramp I would take the bus.
  285. What about light rail, or a train from downtown to the mesa to UCSB?
  286. What about loaner gas scooters, mopeds, use of transportation vehicles- in cases where you need to go off campus. What about loaner bikes - if you want to ride to Isla Vista or the beach. We work at this campus everyday, need a place to relax, more outdoor picnic areas would be nice, entice us to stay here during the lunch hour. I go to visit my parents everyday at lunch - they live in the goleta area about 10 minutes away from campus. I have children and in the  event of an emergency I have to feel secure enough that I could get a quick ride to  them in Santa Barbara.
  287. When I cannot find parking the parking meters are the only option.  The single greatest thing that can be done to make my parking at UCSB more workable is to change the parking meters to not put a 40 minute limit on the meters.  NO CLASS is ever 40 minutes long and it seems that it is just a ploy for the parking nazis to give you a ticket.  Why not make the limit 2 hours?
  288. When I drove to school, I parked on campus fall quarter and paid for the expensive permit.  But after fall, I didn't get a permit and would park in IV and walk or skate into campus.  I knew where to park everyday and how early and at what time I needed to arrive to get a spot.
  289. When I first came to campus I thought $110 was outrageous for parking, but I have found it is worth it to avoid the hassle of the bus.  Getting to campus on the bus takes 15 min., but getting home usually takes 45 min.  I don't like that I add to pollution, and that it costs more, but I don't see a better alternative.  I would carpool, but I would lose the flexibility of departure time and making shopping stops.
  290. When I lived nearer to campus, there was a direct route to campus that ran every hour.  It wasn't the most convenient thing in the world, especially since it stopped running after 6:00pm, but I took it every day for two years.  Since I've moved, using the bus requires at least 2 transfers and adds SO much time to my travel that the cost savings isn't worth it.
  291. Where is the promotion of motorcycle riding to work?  If parking is cramped, instead of removing more motorcycle parking on campus, (which is happening), there should be vigorous campaigning to get more people on two wheels of all kinds.  In Europe, bikes, (motor or otherwise) are given preference even in places with weather much worse than ours here in lovely S.B.  MORE MOTORCYCLE PARKING!
  292. you must keep in mind that my driving times change every quarter.also it is difficult to carpool because of every student's differing schedules, especially students who must take labs late into the evening.
  293. You should provide a link to a list of parking lots and numbers. I don't pay attention to that detail when I park. Question E9 will result in a policy change, whether that's it intention or not. E8 is phrased as a yes/no question but the choices don't match. Would have suggested asking specifically what effect a new parking permit system in Isla Vista will have on driving habits, considering its been in the news weekly for the last month.
  294. Your answers are too limited.  Often what I really wanted to choose was not there.  I drive because it is faster and more convenient, but I also stop by and see my mother every day after work.  This would not be an option if I rode the bus.  I also need to be able to pick my daughter up if she gets sick at school.  If the parking gets too expensive I will consider looking for a different job (not at UCSB).  The same is true if the only parking available was off campus.  I'm a long-time UCSB employee and I resent how my parking options have become so expensive and limited because the administration chooses to build new structures in our existing parking lots.
  295. Your survey is not well written in regards to motorcycles, which are not required to have parking permits, are generally not a carpool for of transportation and have extremely limited parking areas already.  To improve transportation at UCSB, bus should be requiered to arrive on time, because i have been penalized in the past for their incompetence.  UCSB should stop it rediculous practice of build on top of parking lots and should instead build new facilities off campus.  UCSB already rips it students off for their education, the least they could do is provide parking for them.
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